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how long it will take to clear HBsAG in my case?

Hello good fellows,
i am 24 years old, i was diagnosed with HBV back in 27-NOV-2017, For sake of making things concise, i am writing my medical history right away and want suggestions and best course-of-action for fighting HBV as i am very depressed and confused. And how much time it will take to clear HBsAG(also which therapy suits me according to genotype). i.e. viread/vimlidy/entacair etc.
General Info:
Blood Group: A+
HBV-Genotype: D
Weight: 60 kg
Height: 5.5 feet/inches
Note: i didn't use any medicine except home remedies.
Date                      Test                                    Result/Value                                        Method
28-10-2017          HBsAG                               Reactive(3187)                                    CMIA(Qualitative)
02-11-2017          T.Bilirubin                         2.1 mg/dl                                              
                               ALT/GPT                            27 U/L
                               Alkaline Phosphate         72 U/L
03-11-2017          PCR-HBV                           HBV DNA Not Detective                     HBV Quantitative

08-03-2018          HBsAG                               Reactive(3247)                                     CMIA(Qualitative)
                               T.Bilirubin                         2.9 md/dl                                              
                               ALT/GPT                            34 U/L
                               Alkaline Phosphate         68 U/L
                               HBeAG                               Negative                                                              
27-07-2018          HBsAG                               15283 IU/ml                                          HBsAG(Quantitative)
                               T.Bilirubin                         2.9 md/dl
                               ALT/GPT                            36 U/L
                               Alkaline Phosphate         62 U/L
                               PCR-HBV                           100 IU/ml                                              HBV Quantitative
                               HBeAG                               Negative
                               Fibroscan                          3.3 kpa(F0-Stage)                                    

22-04-2019          HBsAG                               12075 IU/ml                                          HBsAG(Quantitative)
                               T.Bilirubin                         3.4 md/dl
                               ALT/GPT                            26 U/L
                               Alkaline Phosphate         65 U/L
02-07-2019          PCR-HBV                            61 IU/ml                                                HBV Quantitative
                               HBeAG                               Negative
01-09-2019          HBsAG                                9022 IU/ml                                            HBsAG(Quantitative)
07-10-2019          Fibroscan                           4.5 kpa(F0-Stage)                                    

05-01-2020          HBsAG                                14458 IU/ml                                          HBsAG(Quantitative)
                               T.Bilirubin                          1.8 md/dl
                               ALT/GPT                             39 U/L
                               Alkaline Phosphate          69 U/L
                               PCR-HBV                            276 IU/ml                                               HBV Quantitative
                               HBeAG                               Negative
                               Anti-HBe                            Negative
                               Fibroscan                           4.8 kpa(F0-Stage)
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And one another thing to mention, both doctors deals largely n dealing patient of HCV,HIV,AIDS,and cirrhosis.
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According to the guidelines treatment is recomended if HBV DNA is more then 2000, ALT is more. If fibrosis is more also treatment can be started. But in your condition treatment is not required to be started Viread according to me. May be some more seniour members can give you better advice.
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Hi good fellows of the forum, I decided to respond after visiting a Doctor,
I visited two doctors last week, One told me that there is nothing to worry, 276 iu/ml is not a big concern. He prescribe me three medicines
1.Exaapro(Escitalopram U.S.P)5mg
Now, the Doctor prescribe me
which to consider, Please need advice from senior members of the forum.
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According to the guidelines treatment is not required to you immidiatly ( HBV DNA, ALT and Fibrosis in limits only )  so monitor your condition regularly.
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Mr simple boy, Your condition ios similar to most of us.  We are in the similar conditions from 20 t0 30 years. So dont worry chek prriodically and wait for new medicians.
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Mr Flyinlynn everybody knows here all are patients, They are asking advice from patients only. May be you dont know persons like Steff and Study for hope Etc are more knowledgeble in this field then most of the doctors, So if you have any openion on any specifc quastion answer it otherwoise leave it dont discarage them to ask quastions.
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Yes,you are correct.
Not a Mr

And some think there are medical folks here.

And seriously the best person to ask for medical advice is your doctor
I agree. All flyinlynn advice is to ask a doctor. Most doctors are clueless.
Only patients really knows the side effects and how painful they are. Most of the patients here gone through different treatments and knows merits and demerits in those treatments up to large extent. So before taking final call it is advisable to take advice from the seniours.
I would expect a doctor experienced in the treatment of patients with hepatitis B would be very knowledgable about the side effects their patients are reporting and likely have a much larger pool of knowledge then the people who visit the hep B community forum. Many people who come to forums have had a harder time with treatment so responses could easily be skewed   To a greater reporting of side effects than what a doctor would see coming to their office. The people who have an easier time of treatment which in general is the majority of patients would not be visiting here to say how their their treatment is going since they don’t have much to say. Just human nature when we have complaints we raise our voices but when things are going well we don’t comment.

But a doctor would have experience with patients having the variety if possible experiences. Also clinical trial data results report on the percentages of patients who experienced various side effects and in what percentage of patients experienced a given side.

I do understand that if your the one experiencing a side effect only you can understand how you feel. But having accurate data on the likely hood of experiencing a given symptom is helpful to me if I know say 3% of patients experienced a symptom vs 90% would let me know what I am more or less likely to experience myself what to really expect.

And while hearing from fellow patients about the merits of a given treatment that is their experience it may not be yours  and likely your experience will not be the same. Also depending on the persons total health picture like if they have kidney problems for example it will influence which medication is best for them based on their own health history which can only be determined by their physician not an Internet forum.

I believe what we here do best is provide moral support for those who have an illness or undergoing treatment and experiencing side effects. We can suggest ways we have coped with our common health problem or a side effect or suggestions of questions to ask your doctor. To share our experiences so we don’t feel so alone with our health challenges.
Jason I agree most general practitioners are not up to speed which is why I have recommended  seeing  a doctor  experienced in treating hepatitis B. If your doctor is clueless get a better doctor.
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Here is a link to the AASLD (American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases) treatment guidelines for hepatitis B

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Your doctor will know the answer to your question about what is the best treatment for you and your own personal medical situation. We here are not doctors or medical professionals. As far as specifically how long to clear the virus again your doctor is the best person to ask this question but as a lay person I assume that is an individual experience.

Best of luck make an appointment with a doctor experienced in treating hepatitis B is my best advice.
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