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I got hep c aboat the ten years ago.They said I had some of the highest test results that they had ever seen.Well,at the same time my pancrase was a little imflamed.I see a doctor for other resones now and he took my blood to check my liver he said nothing was wrong and now I dont have hep can this be true?And could my liver test have been from ten years ago that showed up have been something else?
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Anything is possible based on what you said though the best assurance would be to have a physical copy of your labs that shows an undetectable PCR. That is one test result to ask for. The next one is for the HCV Antibody. That way you would know that you may have had the virus & cleared it on your own. These records are yours anyway and you really need these tests so you can verify for a fact where you stand.

**The doctor cannot determine you do not have HCV by checking your liver (if you mean your liver enzymes). There is a difference between liver test and a test to determine if one has been infected with HCV. You seem to be using these terms interchangeably so that could be the source of where I am a bit confused.

Best of luck
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Hi, there is another reason liver enzymes, if that is what you are talking about as being high, can be raised, and that is from iron overload, and this causes severe damage and cirrhosis of the liver, and if you were exposed to Hep C, but your body got rid of the virus on it's own, you could have had high levels and readings. We are all exposed to different hep viruses but with good immune systems we can fight them off. But I am confused about which levels the doc is using, or was using to diagnose hep c, and why he is saying nothing is wrong and you don't have hep c....??????

You say you are having tests for other problems with your liver, do you know what that is?

Your inflamed pancreas also is an issue in all this, as I mentioned about the iron overload, and that is one organ that is damaged by high levels of iron. When you mentioned you had some of the highest levels they had seen did you mean liver enzymes or blood tests having to do with iron?

Reason I am asking is my husband has hep c 1a, diagnosed a couple years ago, has not started treatment yet because he was also diagnosed 6 weeks ago with hemochromatosis. It is iron overload. Genetic. Causes damage to liver, heart, and pancreas is one of the organs most often involved as well. He has damage to pancreas, having nodules, and gallbladder disease.

So I was only wondering of somehow your issues all stem from iron overload perhaps, which also explains high liver enzymes, pancreas problems, and now no hep C, according to doc.

You definitely need to do some digging with your doc and get to bottom of your mystery!!!
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It's always possible your results got mixed up with someone else's.
Its not likely but all things are possible.
I'd get tested again, if it were me, just to make sure.

I agree that too much iron can cause liver damage but if that was the case, his liver panel would still show signs of damage. Apparently it does not.
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Maybe I missed something in your post, but what do you mean by "They said I had some of the highest test results that they had ever seen."?

"Test results" of what? A biopsy, blood labs? If blood labs, which readings, ALT, AST, VL?  ALT and AST can be up for other reasons, and if it was your VL, how high was it?  Just curious.
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It is all a little confusing, just trying to ask questions re which tests the dr actually reran...if it was just the screen for hep c virus or if it was full panel with alt, ast, ggt, and/or iron like ferritin, transaturation%, etc...just not clear on what exactly results doc "cleared" him of hep C and "nothing" wrong...but because he also mentioned inflamed pancreas I just wondered if  his other reasons for checking liver had anything to do with something else other than hep c...he stated he sees the dr for "other" reasons now...just curious. Cheers
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We would need to know more information in order to answer your questions.  Which Hep C did you receive 10 years ago (PCR or Antibodies test)?  Which results were the highest they had ever seen (liver enzymes? viral load?)?  What other medical concerns do you have?
I think that you should ask for copies of all of your lab results and either see your doctor again to get all your questions answered or post them on your page here and let us know so that we can try to answer your questions with more information.
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  Most likely they ested you when you were still in the "acute" stage of your Hepatitis, thus the very high liver enzymes. They tend to be very high, in the acute phase, while our immune systems origianlly attempt to fight off the virus. We have q 25% chance of throwing it off, within the first 6 mothsof catching it.
  Perhaps, the first test they gave you was only an antibody test, and your recent test was a Quantitative one, which showed you to have Undedtected viral load~
  People that throw it off, will always test poitive, to an antibody test. So if that happens, dont feel you "caught it" again. You have to know which test they are given, there are 3: Antibody Screen, Qualitative (genotype naming) Quanitative (what # youyr viral load is)
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