I posted on the Social Hep Forum last week, but realized that some of you don't go over there.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm SVR.

Diagnosed in 2008, had it for around 25 years, G3a, treated 8 months...

Thanks for all your support!!!

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Hey Marcia,

Congrats !!! Way to go.

Welcome to the SVR club.

It is like the old saying "you have a new lease on life". Now go enjoy it.
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If I missed you consider yourself congratulated.  Actually.... I missed Isabella and couldn't find the post.... but then wondered if it was a SVR12.

I'm behind, possibly I am a behind.  ; )

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Yay, Marcia! So it’s now official, huh? Way cool! I’m so very happy for you… do you have any plans for celebrations? This is a momentous occasion for you; do something special, eh?

Good going, gal; and take care—

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That is so great to hear!  Best wishes for a long, healthy, hep free life!


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As a fellow geno 3a, I am especially happy for you!
Now go and live your best life, O.K.? Congrats!
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Congrats !!! Way to go.
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I couldn't be happier for you. Your persistance through all this made you a winner. Goes to show there is hope for all of us...

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great going you should be very proud of yourself that you didn't quit  You went through Hell but had your family and your great courage and self nurturing good Mom you are you did it1!!!! so sooooo Happy for you  well deserved SVR  !!!!!   Big  Abrazos  Baja
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Thank you all for your touching words, you are all so beautiful.

I wouldn't have been able to do it without all of you who supported me so kindly!

Bill, I was in Paris with my hubby last week when I got the results, so we celebrated there... eating oysters! (not the hubby, he is 100% vegetarian) I had been planning to do this since I started tx and I finally got my cravings satisfied.

Willy... Izzy's SVR12 post is on the Hep Social Forum. and yes, you did congratulate me there.
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Thanks for sharing such great news on both sides -- it's always great to hear another SVR, and it's especially sweet coming from you!

You were always so determined, so positive, so 'on it' -- SVR was inevitable... :).  Congratulations!  (Late to the party, but I AM wearing the red shoes...) ~eureka

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Hi Marcia,

Awesome news!!! And great to celebrate it in Paris - you deserve it!

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Such wonderful news!!!!!
I'm so happy for you.

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Great,great news
so happy for you

Congratulations !!!
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Great News Marcia!
Enjoy your free life!

Thanks a lot for your support too!
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many many congrats

Dear Friend m sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you. We started tx almost at the same time and got SVR at the same time as well. you really deserve that :) Live a HCV free life .... One more time the monster is down :)

Huggsssssssssssssss ......

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Fantastic news... now time for you to celebrate life... what better place than Paris!

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Congratulations! This tx is tough. You are tougher. It is very uplifting to hear about your SVR!
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Hip Hip Hooray Marcia,

You have made it to that sweet point !! It was a hard road for you but you are a strong woman. Enjoy enjoy enjoy everyday. I know you will!!!
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Congratulations on SVR!!! That is the best news I've gotten all day! I'm doing my snoopy dance for you!
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Thank you so so much!

It feel like it is one of the great victories in my life!

And I am so glad I can share it with all my MH friends.

For everyone who is still fighting, may you slay the dragon with your shiny swords!!!!

A toast to St. George... and all his bada§§ disciples!
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Well done! Welcome to the SVR club.
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