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Wishful Thinking

Hello all,
              Are there any genotype 1a's out there who "DID NOT" treat for 48 weeks and were still able to reach SVR?
I was und at four weeks and am still und at twelve weeks and  I am just entertaining thoughts of stopping at say 24 weeks. Forgive me, but this type of denial is how I tend to get through the hard ups and downs of tx. I just keep telling myself to hold on til 24 weeks and then you can stop. I told myself that I would stop at twelve too but I take shot 13 on Monday and it doesnt look like Im stopping.
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"Wishful thinking" should wear a warning that says: "For entertainment purposes only." ;)

My husband's a G1 too but doing 72 weeks because he did not reach und at week 4.  No doubt it's a tough-as-can-be treatment, but with the ups and downs you've endured, you sure don't want it to go to waste...!  

Take it one week at a time, and shoot for the moon:  remember, the heavens give you only what you can bear.  Hang in there! ~eureka
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Please don't stop Tx early you're going so well being Und at 4wks & then Und at 12wks I think that makes you an early responder (?) you must do like eureka254 has mentioned & take this Tx at a week by week thing. I am on week 36 of 48 & yes it can get hard & easy too I think it all depends on keeping yourself hydrated drink water 3-4 litres per day... I know the alternative its not good if we dehydrate honestly! ... & sleep holy cow my head doesnt feel right if I don't sleep properly... if you get tired lay back & have a cat nap ... Good Luck & remember the goal why we are all doing this Tx .....  
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I'm a 1a and didn't treat for 42 years.  Apparently got it when I went in Navy at 18 or when I had to have a blood transfusion less than a year later.  So supposedly I've been carrying the antibodies around all these years.  No one knew about Hep C in those days.  Married 40 years, 3 children and all free of the virus.  Thank God
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there has been at least one study that G1's stopping at 24 weeks had almost the same SVR rate as 48 weeks, ONLY IF THEY WERE UNDE AT 4 WEEKS. But I would not chance it until more studies are done.

I personally stopped early but was in the Telaprevir study and made my decision to stop because I was Unde at 3 weeks.

I think with the new PI drug Telaprevir treatment will be shortened to 24 weeks. This is the one advantage that Telaprevir has over Boceprevir. They both are great new drugs but 24 vs 48 weeks of these harsh drugs make a big difference on permanent side effects.
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I think we all hit these points in TX where we try to rationalize some easier course.  I was actually hoping for lung problems around 20 weeks so I could stop.  Thank heavens I just had a bad riba cough.

I was UD at 1 week but later added a PI and was allowed to stop at 28 wks.  With that initial IFN response, I feel sure I could have stopped safely at 24 wks. You shouldn't even think of stopping before 24.  They have tried various time periods but I don't think any geno 1 on SOC has been documented as successful at 12 weeks.

Think of it this way: you were able to clear the virus out of your blood by 4 weeks.  You have absolutely no way of knowing (nor has science been able to say unequivocally) how long it will take your body to clear all of the virus particles from your liver cells.  Might take 24 weeks, might take longer or even a little less.  Always better to stick to the known.  Save the soul searching for when you've had at least 24 full weeks.

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The stats I know for geno 1's stopping tx at 24 weeks include having a low vl.  (400,000)

I know how you feel.  I was in a trial and thought I for sure was getting the real drug.  I KNEW without a doubt that I was going to be stopped at week 24.  Oops....turns out I was on the placebo and told to continue to 48 weeks.  I was crushed.  

Even knowing I had >2 log drop by 2 weeks and was UND by week 3, I continued on the full course because my starting vl was 919,000.

Dame sure didn't want to have to do it all again.

Good luck to ya.

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