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i believe Portann is DONE!!! *whips up some cool moves*

it's true, sometimes it seems that the farther you are down the road, the harder it becomes to make it there to that finish line.  so close, yet so far away...

Dear Portann,

Thank you *so much* for always being here to give me the encouragement to move on.  It is always wonderful to have people who understand and care about you all the time, you're like a parent to me.  None of my posts went without a reply from you.  Your achievement means so much to us all.  It has shown me that there is a finish line, and it is possible to make it through.

Thank You for the Inspiration you have given us all,
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wow red heels and all!  i think i should put mine on right now!  mine are peep toes :)
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Congratulations!!!  May you enjoy the land of non TX-ers & the sides leave you quickly!!

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Getting ready to head back out, congrats on finishing. I love hearing when someone is done with this stuff. Next stop SVR, your a kind and good person that i think alot of. Put them red heels on and kick up you feet.

Heres a big HUG from a not to bright lug... Be well girl

can-do-can just like portann
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portann: how sweet it is... congratulations on finishing that long stretch of bad road and best wishes for a joyful recovery.

cando : no doubt  about it.. you can, can make it ... I know darn well..
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I am so excited for you.  You probably feel like its a dream, but a good one and not the nightmare you have been living.  Don't leave the forum for a while--stick around with us.  You have been such a great help and a source of inspiration throughout my tx.  If you were to leave I would really miss you, as I read all of your post.  If its from you--I know its going to be good, knowledgeable, witty and sometimes funny.
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I DID it!

After being bummed out this morning and having the jitters big time, I'm now in the moment, ELATED, and wearing red high heel shoes in bed!

Okay, my emotions are a little over the top.

I'm happy, really happy. As we know too well, happiness can be elusive on tx but it's a thrill while it lasts.

I'm even more breathless than usual. (Hope I don't pass out!)  

Have to call my NP to tell her.

Much, much love. I am so lucky to have you in my life. My thanks go out to you all.
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it's like climbing to the top of a very high mountain (even the breathless part). now stick in that flag and make your way down!! congrats!!
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You did it my compadre.  You will now become one with SVR.
It seemed like an eternity didn't it?   In the big scheme of things it's really short time in the hope of living the rest of your life virus free.    

Don't look back, go forward, slowly, step by step and let time give you back what tx has taken away.  

I wish you every happiness in the world Port.

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Congratulations! It is a great feeling. I hope you recover quickly.
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626749 tn?1256515702
Well done portann !
Soon all this will just be a hazy bad dream in your past, with only your SVR to remember it by.

"wearing red high heel shoes in bed"
hmmm....we need pics, lol

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OK - red peep-toe dancing shoes on, everybody.  And a five, six, seven, eight.....

Way to go!
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412873 tn?1329174455
I love peep-toe shoes!

But I love even more hearing happy stories about our family here.

Congratulations on a battle well fought, Portann.

I wish you a smooth return to health and a I hope the times flies by for you to SVR!!

One more post to look forward to.........

Howard Dean girly screaming here for ya!!
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Oh Portann, you look so cute in bed with your red shoes on!!!  Congratulations!!

Epi xxxxxxxxx
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648439 tn?1225058862
Congratulations - and best of luck for SVR!!!!!  Great image - thanks...
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541844 tn?1244309824
Congratulations!  What a great feeling it must be.  Wishing you the best!
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427265 tn?1444076436
The big day is finally here. I'm so thrilled for you and am hoping to hear lots of good news down the line as you recover.


Hugs, Pam
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Congratulations! The tulips opening on your final shot day brought tears to my eyes. It is like your new life that is beginning.
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Wow that time went so fast I can't believe it's already over! Congrats on finishing, may life find you without post treatment sides and new adventures and joy.
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Avatar universal
Congratulations and good luck!
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Congratulations on a long road well traveled!  I am proud of you.  The red high-heeled shoes in bed is quite a visual image...one that I'm sure the guys would like a pic of.  :)   Now that TX is over (or will be after your last riba next week) maybe you can make plans to climb a real mountain in those red high-heeled shoes.  :)

But I also have to giggle at Port-a-pot...  Maybe that's been used before but it's the first time it caught my attention...lmao!

Congrats again my friend.
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Congrats!  Glad you made it through and I'm hoping you net that SVR.

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Dont you think its time to pass the sword seeing how you wont need it anymore? Your dragon is DOA.

Congrats girl and thank you so much for all the wonderful advice you have given me since I came here. Most of the time I listened and if I didnt I found myself wishing I had listened. lol

Dont leave us yet. I have 18 more weeks to go and Im going to need you!!

Hugs and Blessings
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Dear friends,

I'm so touched I think I'm dissolving.

Or is that the below ten hemoglobin acting up again?

Honestly, my face is wrinkling up not knowing if laughter or tears are on the way.

How do you explain to family that you love them but the forum is where you need to be?  I couldn't have pushed through to the end without you.  I know many of you believe me because you feel the same.

Even heated moments on the forum made me feel engaged and alive, and ironically helped the days go faster.  Not that I recommend heated moments.

I can't believe I'm done and can't explain to you how I could be.  There were days in the middle of tx when I didn't feel I could continue.  

And here I stand, not wearing the wonderful red shoes (gosh, I almost fell down in them going to the bathroom) but feeling like job well done, unknown results pending.  And that is enough right now to make me happy.

What I can tell those that may be feeling the road ahead is too long is that it will startle you that it comes so soon.

Thank you so much.
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