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just s

No Q's just hello first time on forum. Just started treatment for type 1. Triple  but not boceprivir, just over a week in all is good so far so say hi.
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Welcome aboard!! Congratulations on your big start up!!! I hope your treatment goes smooth. Any problems feel free to ask questions. There is also a hep c social forum. Check it out if your feeling social!!

Good luck jazz!  
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Hey and welcome!
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I've been looking for herbs to help boost my immune system but does not clash with boceprivir treatment. Any pointers? Thanks guys for saying hello.
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Hi mzkity. Thanks for saying hi. Its good to know there are other peopleto share stuff with. It will be good to get to know you.
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Any Herbal supplements should always be discussed with your treating physician.
Many are actually harmful to HCV patients

You say "not Boce"   does this mean you are taking INCI

Welcome to the group........

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Hi abn
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Welcome to the forum.  
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Welcome and good luck
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  Good luck with your Treatment, and I look forward to cheering you on~
Taking Herbs are a "no no" during Treatment, especially Milk Thistle.  
   You can enjoy strong coffee on your Treatment though, if you get into that sort of thing :)  I became a cappucinno freak on these meds~
  I am thinking, from your post, that you will be starting the Boceprevir after the typical 4 week lead in, like I did~
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Good morning and a massive big welcome! Well done getting started on the tx and im glad you are ok at the moment,good luck with it all and anything you want to ask please do, there are some amazing informative people on here that are always willing to help and support you all the way,Look forward to getting to know you. Best wishes Jules
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Welcome to the forum and best wishes for a smooth treatment. You will have some challenging days and weeks ahead but you have come to the right place for information, support, and most of all understanding. Stay positive and good luck to you!
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Welcome and I wish you nothing but the best during your treatment.  The folks on here are always here to boost you a long so you won't do it alone.

Take care, Linda
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Hi will. It is ' boceprivir also called victrelis' that i am using and I know most herbs will be harmful. Milk thistle seems to be one widely used and i just found a class site at Maryland university to check what is suitablr . Cheers pal
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Thanks its good to know there is people like yourself to talk to at anytime. First time on any forum. Will be good sharing experience. Hope u r well. Speak soon.
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  Oops, it's St John's Wort that is contraindicated with Boceprevir, not milk-thistle.
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"Taking Herbs are a "no no" during Treatment, especially Milk Thistle."  

Here it is again. a wild statement.

SOME herbs are associated with liver toxicity, such as borage, blue green algae (spirulina etc), and comfrey. And don't use milkthistle if you have decompensated cirrhosis. (Milkthistle can be great for transplanters).
Ginger should be used cautiously if you have reduced blood clotting abilities.
But, like all medications and supplements, you need to run it past your Healthcare team. Whilst treating, unless you show through blood tests that some minerals and vitamins are low, then you don't need to take supplements.
Just because someone says they take VitB12, or VitC, or D3 and it makes THEM feel good, doesn't mean you will benefit from it too.
Eat as well as you can, and just let the meds do their work. when they're finished, then go gungho on the old alternative medicine fix the body thing.
Have your ride isn't too hard.
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wishing you all the luck in the world, with treatment. keep in back of mind, that if you are a non responder, life can still be a long and happy one. failed twice, but doing ok after 45-50 years with c.  
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Welcome.  Glad to hear you have started treatment.  Be sure to ask any questions.  Many of us have either completed or have a loved one who has completed triple tx, so hopefully we can answer questions you may have as you go through tx.  I would recommend that you avoid all medicinal herbs and supplements without the explicit permission of your gastroenterologist or hepatologist.  The best way to boost your immune system while you're on triple tx is to eat a healthy diet including fresh fruits and vegetables, try to rest well, drink water, and try to take at least one short walk outdoors every day.  
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