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what is the probability to get HCC or Cirrhosis for me?

what is the probability to get HCC or Cirrhosis
for me?  age - 60 , svr since 2008 after 1 year with Inteferon and Riba, carried HCV since 1982 (blood donation), fibrosis stage at the beginning of the treatment in 2008 was F3-F4.
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Ok so you did have borderline cirrhosis before you were cured.

Odds of HCC for those of us with cirrhosis are about 4% a year every year.
I was with Fibrosis stage 3-4 before I was cured.
since I am SVR my fibrosis reduced onto F2-F3 in fibroscan, liver usually found fatty in ultrasound. Does it change probability for cirrhosis ?
Dunno Fibroscan is less accurate in mid ranges. There is no consensus from medical experts  of how reduction in F score related future health predictions in those who prior to treatment were F3 or higher scores.

For myself I have had a couple of fibroscans post cure with no change in F score my pre treatment Fibroscan was if I recall about 29 a couple of years post my score was 33 then a couple of years later around 30 no real change it seems.

Fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a known risk all by itself for cirrhosis
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Hepatocellular carcinoma occurs at a rate of 1% to 4% per year after cirrhosis is established [1] and cirrhosis underlies HCC in approximately 80%-90% of cases worldwide

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Cirrhosis has long been thought to be a major risk factor for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer. Cirrhosis also limits cancer treatments. But a new study finds the cancer incidence in people with cirrhosis is lower than thought—at most, about 4%.

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Cirrhosis is a disease in which liver cells become damaged and are replaced by scar tissue. People with cirrhosis have an increased risk of liver cancer. Most (but not all) people who develop liver cancer already have some evidence of cirrhosis. There are several possible causes of cirrhosis.

I had fibrosis grade 3-4 before I became SVR in 2008.
F4 is cirrhosis the fibroscan test isn’t that sensitive for mid range damage. The experts at the AASLD recommend following near cirrhosis (F3) and cirrhosis (F4) the same post treatment for hep c.

For you you could think of it as F 3.5 pretty much early cirrhosis
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my hepa md told me that in my case the probability for HCC is less then 1%. he is surprised that ultrasound  found and more and he suggest to wait for the CT. also he said that my liver functions are good, recent fibroscan show F2-F3 just 6 months ago, CT abdominal 18 months ago only show fatty liver.
Can it be that ultrasound findings are wrong?
Can I have PVT from some other cause ?
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I attached other causes. But in the long run what does the cause matter really?

But yes absolutely wait for the CT  scan for an accurate  diagnosis. The ultrasound only shows indications of what might be going on the CT scan is more definitive.
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I wrote before a mistake
My Fibrosis from year 2007 was like that:
Fibroscan - F4
Biopsy L stage 2-3 , grade 2-3
in 2008 I became SVR after treatment
So how today I am Cirrhosis grade A?
Because you still have fatty liver which can also cause liver damage.

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in Jan 2008 I was cured in May 2015

I still have cirrhosis.
A referee to your Child-Turcotte-Pugh score generally referred to as your Child score. You are a child score A same as me.

Child scores are based on the severity of symptoms a person with cirrhosis is experiencing. Child A means you haven’t developed symptoms of decompensation at this time.

Child scores are also used to rank patients for liver transplant in some countries. The U S  and others have changed to using the MELD score which is less subjective than the Child score.

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