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Is this a hernia or another serious issue?

Hi,(posting this again in a different place because I am unsure who to ask for help or who can help) I have been having trouble breathing, swallowing, bloating in the abdominal region that shifts between center, left and right, along with a sharp pain that will occasionally go through there. This has been ongoing since Saturday evening September 3rd til now September 5th. (over 2 days). Taking antacid (equate maximum strength) does not help the issue I am having. I also have neck pain and a slight ache in the left side of my head but I don't see how that would connect to the other issues. Whenever I eat or drink anything, the breathing issue and bloating discomfort worsens. I am only 16 so I am dependent on my parents for medical aid. Since Sunday August 14th in the middle of church, I have been struggling with panic/anxiety attacks and symptoms. Throughout these last 3 weeks have been full of pain and fear and frustration since I have gone to the ER/hospital several times due to complaints of my heart racing and other pains/tingling in my left neck. jaw, head, and at times left extremities. I didn't have any trouble with eating and digesting to this extent until Saturday. I am starting to believe however, that my whole issue started that very  Sunday. I remember having constipation and gas issues the week before the 14th due to me eating so much candy (I foolishly ate 2 bags in the span of maybe 30 minutes) and I did something similar 1-2 days before Sunday. When I had the alarming chest pain in the middle of church and my heart started racing and my whole body felt a wave of dread go over, I thought I was having a heart attack and panicked. This resulted in a full blown panic attack which I had never experienced before. My dad had to take me out of church and rush me to the ER... which began several visits to there and other places in the past 3 weeks due to my panic/anxiety trouble. A CT scan on the 15th of August revealed my right coronary artery opens from the wrong place but the cardiologists at that hospital and the ones after assured me that wasn't causing my hear to constantly race and palpitate (it was all anxiety that I wasn't believing was the issue). My parents were fed up with taking me anywhere by the time I started complaining of the digestive issues. Since the 14th, take note that I wasn't having the issues I first mentioned at the beginning of this thread but I did have irregular bowel movements since. So I believe I have some gastric/hernia/digestive related issue that has caused my panic and anxiety for the past 3 weeks that I have been struggling to handle. While at the ER at Medical City yesterday (Sunday September 4th) I described to the doctors and nurses my issues (they were well aware of my panic/anxiety and frequent ER/hospital visits especially since Ii was at their hospital within the period, but I was stressing that what I was feeling then was different from my panic and anxiety since I usually have more symptoms with that and had no trouble with what I described at the beginning until last Saturday). The doctors and personnel did 2 xray images of my abdomen and found how badly constipated I was and they listened when I described the issue with swallowing and breathing and my esophagus so they noted it as heartburn/re-flux. I got prescribed MiraLlax which I am to mix `17g with water and take once a day and Zantac (ranitidine 150 mg) which I am to take no more than twice a day. My dad gave me his expired MiraLax today in the morning and got the new one when he was out but I can't take it until tomorrow. He is out currently getting my Zantac for me to take. The doctors gave me information on how to cope with constipation such as more fiber, so my dad had me eat beans and peas this morning after giving me the Mira which added some slight discomfort, I did't finish it all. I understand that it hasn't been long enough nor have I even taken the zantac but the doctors did no check of my esophagus or digestive system to find any issue. I could even have a hiatal hernia and not even know. At this point, my parents aren't taking me to any specialist such as a gastroenterologist (if only they would so I can get a barium swallow done or something to make sure I don't have a hernia of my stomach). I just now took the zantac and hopefully that starts working. Is there anything I should worry about that I could possibly use to get my parents to listen to my pleas to go to the ER/hospital in the future? I read that if I indeed have a hiatal hernia and it is a certain type, my stomach can get strangled and lose blood flow. Would I feel this happening?What other type of pains should I be worried about? If so, how badly/quickly would I wan to get medical attention? I have no clue if I could have a rupture of my gallbladder, appendix, stomach, or intestines but the bloating and sharp pains scares me and the doctors haven't run any extensive tests to rule those out. So to sum this all up, I wasted my and my parent's time for the past 3 weeks with a false cardiac issue, panic/anxiety and now I believe the real culprit is something gas, hernia, digestive related. I have reason to believe this is the case because of what I felt before the 14th of August/panic episodes and September 3rd/digestion issues and etc. So can someone please help me on what I need to do, this could be life threatening and at this point I feel like my parents don't believe it nor do any of the paramedics or doctors I have been seeing since I complained about what appears to be the wrong thing. I am sorry for the length of this but I really had to spill what I have been going through the last couple of weeks. I started school 2 weeks ago and the panic/anxiety have been a big distraction and I can already see what I just started experiencing Saturday as a problem too.
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