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Ventral Hernia Recurrence

12 years ago I had Exploratory surgery on my abdomen. 2 children CSections ages now 8 and 5. No future children.  I had a lower area ventral hernia repaired last July have still been in pain everyday since surgery. Last 4-6 months that pain has increased and moved to the upper region of the incision. New ultrasound more incisional hernias found. My question is what are my options? Full reconstruction with slight liposuction around area to help with pressure (slightly over weight but can't move area to help decrease or help build muscle to support) repair and have another risk of another area being effected? Plastic surgeons don't want to see me and I'm not sure what my options are or questions to ask my general surgeon. I am 34 and want this pain to go away and the area to be repaired so in the future this will not happen again.  Any suggestions or questions to ask at appointment will be helpful! Thank you!!
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