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10 seconds of unprotected vaginal intercourse


I am a 36 your old heterosexual male. On nov 23 2019, I meet a girl at a bar. She is 30 and works as a teacher at a charter school. She said she was going through a divorce and was very single. I asked her if she had anything and she stated the only thing she had was a urinary tract infection. She also was on both control. We were both drinking and one thing led to another. There was 10 seconds of unprotected sex before I realized how awful of a situation I put myself in. I want to the er and am now taking pep (38 hrs after exposure. I also got shots for chlymidia and gonarea. However recently I noticed two small bumps yesterday on the underside of the shaft of my penis right before the head. The bumps haven’t changed at all since noticing them. I feel some tingling but that’s it. It’s under the skin and looks like a pimple. No scabbing, liquid or pain when touching them. Could this be hsv2?

Can you please help me ***** my risk for herpes thank you for all you do!!
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So first, you and your doctors are totally over-reacting to your risk level here.

I'm surprised they put you on PEP, as 10 seconds of unprotected vaginal sex for a man is so, so unlikely to result in HIV transmission. I'm including some threads at the end so you can learn more about that.

The bumps could be hsv2. They could also be a dozen other things, and the only way to know for sure is to get them tested. Go today, tomorrow at the latest, and ask them to do a PCR swab (if they can't, make sure it's a type specific culture) to see if it's herpes. Timing is important. The PCR swab is more sensitive than a regular culture, but a lot of places don't do the PCR swab, so getting in while they're new and may have a lot of virus present is vital.

It doesn't sound like herpes - that's usually ON the skin, not under it, and they hurt when touching them, but you want to be sure. It would also be unlikely that you got herpes from 10 seconds of exposure unless she had sores present.

Here are some threads you can read on HIV transmission -




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Thank you so much and yes I am a hypochondriac and I can totally be irrational. Especially when your constantly checking yourself. I would agree I’m pretty sure they’ve Been there. The bumps haven’t changed over the past few days and I am totally overreacting. They are definitely under the skin. I will read these threads and get educated. I want to wish everyone at your organization a merry Christmas and safe holidays! Thank you for helping me.
You're welcome.

A note about constantly checking yourself - you can cause irritation that can give you symptoms that will only make you freak out more. It's a vicious cycle. If you have STD symptoms, you'll notice them. You won't have to squeeze to see the discharge, or get a magnifying glass to see anything. Try to limit yourself to checking once a day (I know that's hard).

Bumps that are under the skin that don't change could be oil glands or Fordyce spots - totally normal. :)

Hang in there and Merry Christmas!
I am experiencing some mild inconvenience on the tip of my penis on the inside. As if my urethra is irritated. I don’t see anything there but there is a little burning sensation for sure as I have not been trying to irritate my area. This is since 13th of this month. So a called er and I couldn’t even ask any questions as I wasn’t a patient at the moment. When I went to the we on the 23rd of November They gave me a shot in the buttocks for stds. Which I thought was for gonnorea and chlamydia. Although they took a swab of my penis and did blood work. They said they would call and never heard anything back. Just sent me out the door. My concern was that it might have been to early for these test. As it was only 38 hours after exposure. So I called planned parent hood to do more testing to see if it’s uti, std or possibly the pep causing irritation. No other symptoms besides this. Thanks again! This will be my last question. If it wasn’t for you guys I would be in the dark. Sorry to even have another question.
The shot in your butt could either be for syphilis or gonorrhea - how many shots was it? If it was one, it was probably gonorrhea. If it was 2, it was probably syphilis.

Did they give you any pills to take?

At 38 hours, it's too soon for testing, but it's not totally wasted. At least you know that as of Nov. 23, you were negative for STDs (though definitely call and make sure of that - I'm sure you were, but the "no news is good news" approach allows for lost test results, etc. Also, find out exactly what you were tested for and get copies of those results.)

You don't need an ER. Your symptoms are not a medical emergency. Save the ER for people in car accidents, having heart attacks or strokes, and the like. STDs are not a medical emergency.

How's your water intake? Are you drinking enough? Are you drinking alcohol or caffeine? Carbonated beverages? Sports drinks or fruit juices? Those can irritate the bladder and urethra. Lay off those and increase your water, and see how you feel.

What did Planned Parenthood say? Are you getting more tests?

Talk to your doctor about your anxiety. Your reaction to this is not in proportion to the low risk you had from just a few seconds of exposure.

I wanted to Follow up. let you know that I got blood work and urine sample on dec 21st and got my results back 24th. Negative for everything. Instantly I was relieved about this. But the following week I still had a raw feeling in my urethra, sensitive tip, and burning when I pee that was really aggravating still. On January 20th went in again and got a lih-urine drip. The doctor came back 5 minutes later and said there was no issues with my urine. I asked him about prostatitis or urethritis but he laughed and said no. He did notice that my tip looked red and irritated and said to take hydrocortisone. It’s been now month and two weeks and no change. I am assuming that I don’t have an std? Is this correct? I Just want it to heal whatever it is. Its effecting my sleep and is very irritating when walking and peeing. Any suggestions? I also took your advice and drank tons of water, cranberry juice eat but nothing has changed.
The tip of your penis being irritated and painful is a sign of prostatitis. Can you get an appointment with a urologist?

Since something is happening, you need to follow up on this. It's not an STD, but something is happening.

Thanks for the update, and I hope you get some answers soon.
I just got checked and they said I had prostatitis. They checked urine and all clean. And did a prostate exam and I could feel how sore my prostate was during the exam. I’m assuming if prostatitis was from an std it would show up in the screening I took on dec 20th Correct? Plus I had no other symptoms besides the symptoms I posted in my earlier thread. Can this still be spread through sex as I continued sex only after I got my results back and all were negative. I also read you didn’t think it was from an std related thing? either way thank you so much you helped me solve my problem.
There are lots of causes of prostatitis, and while STDs can cause it, your tests are showing negative, so that's not it for you.

No, you can't transmit anything from this - https://www.urologyhealth.org/urologic-conditions/prostatitis-(infection-of-the-prostate)

I'm happy to hear you got checked, and got a diagnosis. Feel better!!
    An update-I got a copy of those test results that I first took on nov 26, 2019. and all negative for a full std panel. Doc gave me  at time of visit ceftriaxone for gonorrhoeae and azithromycin for chlamydia. It was an injection in the butt. Could have Been two shots but don’t remember. But it is stated on discharge papers that I was treated for both. Went to my doc On Jan 28th took doxycycline for three weeks with no help  with my symptoms. Went back to doctor and he has prescribed me bactrim. And same visit scheduled me to see a urologist. Not sure why but now for past two weeks After I pee my tip is sticking to my underwear. It was never doing that before. Mainly after I pee. No stains in my underwear and it’s very small amount clear and water. I am guessing this could be from the bacterial infection I would guess. Would you recommend another std panel and could those shots of antibiotics I took gave me a false negative. Seems I would have cured any stds with all these antibiotics.
No, you don't need more STD tests. What you're experiencing is common with prostatitis. Are you under the care of a urologist? If you aren't, you should be. Insist that your doctor refer you to one.

There is bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis. Bacterial is usually pretty easy to cure. Non-bacterial can be trickier. Google CPPS or non-bacterial prostatitis.

I hope you get some relief, but really, move on from STDs. It's not your cause of this. You got the proper treatment if you had one, and your tests were negative.

Oh and make sure someone does a urine test to look for white blood cells.
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