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2.20 low positive IgG results, also diagnosed with dermatitis? Help!

Hello all,

So the past 5-7 years occasionally I’ve had a rash or bits of rash on my scrotum and penis shaft.  Never painful or itchy, no blisters.  I’ve been tested a few times but always negative.  I recently got a scraping test and it came back as dermatitis, doctors have always just prescribed creams.  I also requested an igG test and it came back as 2.20.. could this be a false positive?  Can could it just be dermatitis or can you have both herpes and dermatitis?  The dermatitis rash was on my penis that was scraped for.

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Do you have the results of your IgG - like a piece of paper with them or on a patient portal or anything?

Since you only have one number for the result, I wonder if it's a combo test, where they test for hsv1 and hsv2 together, and don't differentiate them, meaning you could have hsv1 OR hsv2 OR both. It's harder to know if it's likely to be a false positive if we don't know which type tested positive for.

Can you get your results? If it says something like "Herpes 1/2 IgG 2.20", that's the combo. Ask your doctor for a type specific IgG test. If you only test positive for hsv1, it's more likely to be a pre-existing oral infection, statistically. (At least half the adult population has it, and about 90% will never get a cold sore, so they don't know they have it.)

You can have both dermatitis and herpes, but since the dermatitis came back with actual skin testing, and herpes didn't, I do have to wonder.

When you say you were tested a few times, but it was always negative, were those cultures or blood tests? If they were blood tests, when were those done? Do you have copies of those tests?
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Hi thanks for the comment. Yes it was a combo test so I need to go back and differentiate.  The previous tests were culture tests.  I’ve done STI tests but not sure if it specifically included herpes now that I think about it.  

Yes specifically dermatitis can back this week.  And when there has been these rashes there’s also been slightly different color rash on groin area.  I live in a very hot and humid place.  There’s never been blisters or open sores.  Just red pieces of rash and the odd dot.

Thanks for your response
You're welcome. Let us know when you get the type specific test, and I wouldn't be surprised if your previous testing didn't include herpes tests. They often don't, unless you specifically ask for it, or you have a really great doctor.

Hang in there - I know it isn't easy waiting and wondering.
So I went to the hospital again, they said they don’t have a test to differentiate between HSV1 and hsv2.  They directed me to a larger hospital and they said the IGG test isn’t good and they don’t really recommend it.

They gave me another scrape/skin sample test specifically for herpes and said it would give results in 7 days. So I’m assuming that’s not the PCR test.  So I am waiting a week for that.

  The rash began to subside over the past week while I used the anti fungal cream.  Saturday night I had some alcohol and a burger/fries and then the rash came back but in a new area on my penis.  This is what made me go back to the hospitals again.

UGH. I'm so sorry.

What a load of crap.

Are you in the US? You can get your own type specific IgG test done, but you'll have to pay for it, which I know can be a concern. https://www.stdcheck.com/ Lots of our members have used them and they seem to be reliable. You can always create a separate email so your normal email isn't associated with it.

Here's the herpes test info - https://www.stdcheck.com/herpes-i-ii-test.php It's not cheap, at $130.

You can wait until your culture results come back, and decide from there.

It's possible you have an allergy or a sensitivity to something in the alcohol or food. Keep using the cream, and avoid the alcohol or the burgers and/or fries, and see how it goes.

I am in Asia (lol) I am from the west though.  The lack of STd knowledge in general is horrific, plus the language barrier.  It seems to be going away again in these last few days. So yes I will wait for the culture test.  Is it possible sunlight could cause this reactive if it is just dermatitis?  I have very pale skin, my mother was at risk
Of melanoma (pre cancerous) and I burn very easy.

Anyway thank you so much for your timely responses. I appreciate it more than words can say.  
So yes, it does seem that herpes testing is less than ideal in Asia, from what I've learned from people here. It's still a load of crap, but it is what it is.

I'm not an expert in dermatitis, but I did find this:

"Photocontact dermatitis occurs after a person comes into contact with an irritant or allergen and the area of contact subsequently receives sun exposure that causes a reaction."


However, are your penis and scrotum being exposed to the sun? That sounds like it needs to be direct sunlight, though I could be wrong. I do wonder, though, if sweating or swimming or whatever you're doing could make it worse. And maybe you are naked in the sun - that would definitely fall under the photocontact dermatitis.

Sunlight can make eczema worse, so it makes sense that it could make dermatitis worse.

How long are you in Asia? Is this a permanent move?
This is basically a permanent move, I won’t be back in the west for another year.  

Update: I received my culture test back and no traces of HSV2 were found. But again dermatitis did show up, it also mentioned ringworm?  Anyway I’ve continued the cream and I’ve been applying it 2-3 times a day instead of the just one Time that I was originally recommended.  The rash is now completely gone as of this morning. But I’m going to continue applying for another week or two.  I’m also planning to go back to either one of these hospitals or another hospital and get another IgG test.  Though do you think this is necessary? Especially if they don’t distinguish between 1 and 2.  And what if it comes out around 2 or even higher?

Thanks again for your prompt responses, very grateful.
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Ringworm? Ringworm is a fungus (think jock itch), so if that's even part of what is causing this, the cream will help.



If they don't differentiate between the types, it's kind of pointless. Your cultures are coming back negative for herpes, which means that herpes isn't causing your symptoms. It doesn't mean you don't have genital herpes, but if you do, this isn't the cause for your symptoms.

A combo test isn't going to tell you anything you don't already know. You may have type 1, type 2, or both. My guess right now would be a type 1 oral infection, as statistically, that's most likely, and your cultures are coming back negative for type 2. That's a guess, though.

If you could find a doctor who could figure out a way to do a type specific test, I'd say go for it. If it's just another combo test, I don't know that it's worth your time (or money, if you have to pay for it).

When you come back to the states in a year, you can get a type specific IgG test, if you can't find one there before that time. You don't even need a doctor to do it - https://www.stdcheck.com/ Lots of our members have used them and they seem really reliable.

If you decide to get another test done, let me know how it goes.

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