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Accuracy Results and symptoms?

I had protected sex with my partner and two days later she has a rash in her labia majora, bladder and urinating pain. She didn't clean after sex. Could she have gotten a UTI from lube, condom lube and/or discharge or could it be herpes?

I tested myself for (igg) herpes today but it might take a couple days to get my results because of the weekend and holiday.

I had a protected one night stand before her that I didn't know her std status but I tested myself 2weeks, 11weeks and 16weeks(now).  2 and 11weeks came back negative. Would a third negative results be considered conclusive?..

I read that blood tests aren't always accurate and only swab are 100% accurate? I haven't had any symptoms for herpes but I've been paranoid and anxious about it.

I also read that some people that tested positive on swab keep on testing negative on blood years later. Someone said their swab came out positive for herpes but it turned out to be HPV. So swab isn't 100% accurate so that means even the western blot could be inaccurate?

So no matter how much I test I could be positive even if the results are negative?

This has been stressing me out so much.
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The hsv2 IgG blood test misses 8% of infections. The hsv1 IgG misses 30%.

If you only had vaginal sex with her, and it was protected, the chances of you getting or giving anyone hsv2 is very small. The chances of transmitting genital hsv1 is even smaller.

With using a condom, a negative 16 week test, and no symptoms, the chances that you have herpes is very slim.

People who have positive blood tests for herpes can have HPV. You can have both. Many do. Both are very common. It doesn't mean there is a mistake in blood testing.

The swab test for herpes won't pick up HPV. It ONLY looks for herpes. If someone has a positive HSV swab, they have herpes.

I have no idea why you are so paranoid about this. I don't know what is causing your partner's pain, but she needs to be evaluated by a doctor. There are lots of things that could be causing that besides herpes.

If you need to, there is a Western Blot test you can take. It's the gold standard and is 99.9% accurate. Your doctor can order it, or you can go through Terri Warren at https://westoverheights.com/getting-a-herpes-western-blot/.

You will have to self pay with Terri, and it's expensive.

There is no reason to think you have herpes.
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