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Asymptomatic HSV-1 and HSV-2

I have HSV-1 and HSV-2 but they are both asymptomatic. I have never had any outbreaks nor needed to be prescribed medication. Is there a chance of transmitting it to my partner if we were ever to have unprotected sex? Also, how can we have protected oral sex? And how would this have an impact during pregnancy? Would this STD transmit onto my child?
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How were you diagnosed? Blood test? What kind and what was the index levels, if you have them?
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I took a blood test. I am not sure what type of blood test this was. There are different types? Also, what does index levels mean?
The only blood test you want, outside an HSV Western Blot, would be an IgG test. A lot of doctors have outdated information and still administer IGM tests.  Those are notorious for in accurate results. The IgG test is by no means perfect but it catches 92% of HSV two infections. Index levels are basically the number given in a test that tells you whether not you’re positive or negative. The thing with an IgG test is, sometimes there are false positives. If you fall within the equivocal range, it needs confirmation. I think you need to find out from your doctor what test was performed and if index levels or index values are available.  If the doctor doesn’t have that, I would get a second IgG test, type specific that gives you index values. These test can be performed through  LabCorp or Quest. I think it’s pretty important that you stay curious as to what your actual status is. Do you want to make sure that the test is accurate. If your doctor, like so many, says positive is positive, I would still insist on another test. You can even order these tests online through various STDs sites.
If you are truly positive then yes, even being asymptomatic, you will shed from time to time and possibly transmit. Antiviral medication and condone rrduce the chances of transmission but don’t eliminate it. I think what you need to do first is confirm what testing was done and find out your values. If you’re testing doesn’t have that information, you should test again.
They gave me an IgM test . I did brief research on this test vs. a Igg test but am having trouble understanding the difference between the two test and which one is the most accurate?
Oh boy! You're IgM test results are unreliable. You should not have been given those tests. As TooHip has stated above, you need to disregard your IgM results and take an IgG blood test. And any index value below 0.90 is considered negative, between 0.90 to 1.10 is considered equivocal, and over 1.10 is considered positive. One caveat, any positive value between 1.10 and 3.50 should be followed up with confirmatory testing if the patient has never had any symptoms nor any "risky" encounters. If you take the IgG test, please let us know your results.
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