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Can anyone help me understand my test results !!


HSV 1 and/or 2 IgM
Your Value
2.31 IV
Standard Range
<=0.89 IV

Only tested because I went to the doc in August  2020 for a pregnancy test and she did a “ “visual test” and said she found herpes!
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Sounds like you have a good doctor even though what she's discovered is not something you wanted to hear.  Between the visual diagnosis and the confirmation test being elevated, you have contracted herpes somewhere along the way.  Do you remember ever having had a break out of sores or a sore? I think they will need to find out if it is hsv 1 or hsv 2 of your genitals.  HSV 1 is oral herpes given to the genitals through oral sex.  With this, a person only usually has one outbreak but none after.  HSV 2 is straight genital herpes that you get from sexual intercourse or genital to genital contact.  When do you follow up with your doctor about your test results? Were you pregnant?
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I had 1 sore when she looked but a few days after another doc told me it was a ingrown hair and that Herpes are painful and tender to touch! I didn’t experience any pain until it popped  but it stopped after a day or so and Yes I was 2 months pregnant I miscarried
I'm sorry about your miscarriage.

The IgM is a terrible test. It's very unreliable, and should only be done on newborns. I'm going to include a ton of info at the end that explains why.

A visual test is also a terrible way to diagnose herpes. Loads of doctors see a sore in the genital area and think herpes when there are probably a couple of dozen things that can cause sores, at least.

Basically, you don't know now if you have it or not. If another doctor thought it was an ingrown hair, that's probably true.

What kind of risk factors do you have for herpes? Do you have any partners that may have it?

Info about the IgM - it's a lot, read at your own pace:






"IgM tests sometimes cross-react with other viruses in the same family, such as varicella zoster virus (VZV) which causes chickenpox or cytomegalovirus (CMV) which causes mono, meaning that positive results may be misleading."

Here are some responses from Terri Warren, one of the world's leading experts in herpes"

* https://westoverheights.com/forum/question/igm-positive-but-later-igg-negative-should-i-continue-testing/

"Why was my IgM positive?
Because the test is terrible and flawed and should never have been used."

* https://westoverheights.com/forum/question/positive-igm-negative-igg-2/

"First, the CDC says never to do IgM testing. There are a whole lot of false positives on this test – in my practice, 90% of positive IgMs are false positives."

* https://westoverheights.com/forum/question/could-something-be-interfering-with-my-igm-test/

"The IgM test is terrible – many false positives, cannot accurately distinguish between HSV 1 and 2, the CDC and everyone else strongly recommends against it’s use. In my experience, about 8 or 9 out of 10 positives on the IgM are false positives – that is they do not ever confirm with IgG which is the preferable test. A UTI would not interfere with the IgM – heaven only knows what interferes with the IgM – basically anything seems to."
No I’ve only had 1 sexual partner and he was treated for gonorrhea but that’s the only thing that came back positive back in August. I never had any symptoms of Herpes but my doc said they can’t do anything about it until I have a outbreak and it’s been months when will one occur ?
That's not at all true. If they can do an IgM, they can do an IgG blood test. That's the far more reliable test, and that looks for antibodies in your blood. It's also type-specific, and can determine if you have type 1, type 2 or both.

Were you treated for gonorrhea? How long have you been with him? Was he tested for herpes? Most of the time, a herpes test isn't included in regular STD testing.

Ask your doctor for a type specific IgG herpes blood test. If your doctor is testing for STDs, they need to be familiar with the CDC's STD Treatment Guidelines. It's like the Bible for STDs.

https://www.cdc.gov/std/tg2015/herpes.htm This explains the testing options, and that IgG is the proper testing.

If you have an outbreak, you can get a culture done. However, if you don't have herpes, you are waiting for an outbreak that will never come, right?  If your doctor won't do it, you can get it done at STDcheck.com - https://www.stdcheck.com/herpes-i-ii-test.php You will have to self-pay, though. They don't take insurance.

Oh and if it hasn't been 12-16 weeks yet, wait until then. It can take that long to show up on the test.
I was with him for 6 months been separated for 2 months and I got tested this month! I was treated for Gonorrhea back in July tho this whole situation is stressful and doctors are no help with this specific std
Doctors definitely suck with herpes. If you can afford it, you can test now at STDCheck. 70% will test positive by 6 weeks. If you can only afford to do it once, then wait until 12 weeks. See if your doctor will do the IgG test first, though, and save your money. Prepare for pushback, though. A lot of doctors don't like to be educated by their patients. Don't worry about that, though - your job is to advocate for yourself. :)
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