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Can it be herpetic whitlow?

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with HSV2 in 2007. Depending on my immunity I had several OBs every year. I had lots of OBs during pregnancy and had a planned c-section to protect my baby.

A month ago I woke up one morning with mild swelling, redness and inflammation of three fingers of right hand, including thumb, index and middle. On my middle finger, on middle phalanx there were five blisters yet forming and feeling of pulse (don't know how else to explain) on them. They were not red, not cluttered but close to each other. There was also one reddish itchy spot underneath those, one spot on my thumb (water blister with a grey spot in the middle) Unfortunately I masturbated two or three nights before using my middle finger, scratched an itchy spot hard but then washed my hands using soap but again i realized having a little cut on the same finger.

Of course I hurried to a dermatologist and after telling her my herpetic whitlow concerns she said that the blisters looked like dyshidrotic eczema, i didn't need to worry. No swabs. I was also going on holiday with my husband and son the next day so she prescribed valtrex for my genital herpes 2x500 a day for 5 days and 1x500 for the rest. I wanted to believe her but was not sure either because I also had arm -muscle pain and nausea, loss of appetite (maybe because of anxiety) so I put a bandaid on the blistered area, took 1 mg rightaway, they flared up until the night but in the morning they were there, prickly feeling when touched, didn't hurt when not. The other red spot turned to a water blister with a grey pin head spot on it. I kept them covered all week, used gloves for changing diapers or giving a bath to my kid.  

By the other week the blisters were healed, leaving mild scars behind. A few days later on my index finger i felt mild burning, which turned into another clear looking blister with a grey spot in the middle. Another one came just like that. They didn't hurt so I was not worried anymore but still kept them covered. A few days later another one came back on the side of middle finger with again a burning feeling. I consulted another doctor who diagnosed the recovered blisters as contact dermatitis.

You may say this is nothing like herpetic whitlow but my concerns are:
1. My arm or hand or fingers ache accompanied by nausea before these blisters come up.
2. As I am using Valtrex 500mg, my body might be suppressing any kind of new blisters or their inflammation.
3. I was not on suppressive therapy before the finger outbreak.

Today I went back to the first doctor I consulted, for suppression therapy of my genital herpes. There was a burning spot on the side of my index finger. She said herpes is possible because of the arm pain and nausea. I almost begged for a swab test, but they didn't have it in the hospital.For the swab test I also called two laboratories but they won't do the test either.

I am super worried, don't know what to do. I wouldn't have worried this much if I had not been a mom. My kid needs me, i can't hold his hand comfortably, change his diaper, give him a bath without gloves or bandaids. What do you think I should do?
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Hi everyone, i wrote this post about 3 months ago. I had two pcr tests which both came negative. It's a kind of allergy or eczama just like the doctors said. Hope you all find the answers you are looking for. Thanks for reading.
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