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Cold sores

I went to my daughters soccer game and my old friend was there. She happened to hug me and give me a kiss on my cheek. She had a cold sore. I panicked  and washed my cheek. I have had a cold sore in the past but what's the likelihood off transmitting to my face? I'm panicked please help
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This is really no risk at all. Lips are a membrane and easily penetrated with little friction. Same with the thin skin of the genitals. All other skin is thick and hsv just doesn't penetrate well at all. This is why tou don't see hsv infections on other areas of the body. You can relax
Thank you! I was having some much anxiety kus I have seen where people get them on cheeks.
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Is it true, once you have had hsv for years.your body builds immunity towards it?
The vast majority of oral hsv1 is acquired through the lips. Hsv will stay in the nerve group it's contracted in. That neans even if you are infected through the lips you can have future outbreaks on the lips, nose, cheeks...etc. the point is contracting it theough the cheeks is a real long shot. Again, don't stress as this is not a real world risk to you.
Having hsv1 oral or genital gives fantastic ptotection against getting hsv1 anywhere else on the body. It is rare that someone contracts lets say genital hsv1 when they have an oral infection. It doesn't take years. Only a few months.
Last question even if it was oozing, I should be fine?
Yes. Doesn't change my opinion
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