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HSV 2 came back low positive twice when going to a lab for IGG

I took an IGG test for all STD's on January 10th 2020; everything came back negative; except for HSV 2

HSV 2 IGG 1.14 - positive
HSV 2 Supplemental - negative

then on March 6th i took another IGG at Quest using the same website and now its

Positive with a 1.47

and the guy on the phone is saying it could be a new infection. I have never gotten symptoms and check all the time because I just always feel at risk.  
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I'm sorry you're going through all this.

Even with the rise, it's still been 3 months since your last test in January. Unless you've had a brand new exposure, that would most likely be enough time do develop enough antibodies that your result would be much higher.

Some people just seem to get low positives on the IgG, and need a Western Blot to sort this out. Did you get a confirmation test with Quest? I can't recall if they do a confirmation test or not.

In any case, if you've not had any new recent exposures, you can get a Western Blot test. Your doctor can order this, or you can go through Terri Warren at the Westover Heights Clinic. https://westoverheights.com/herpes/getting-a-western-blot/

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I did contact Terri and ordered the Western Blot,

- I always used a condom during sex just not for oral, but never tested positive for HSV 1
1.)what do you think from your experience and the numbers shown above ?
2.) I never showed any symptoms on lips or genital region and I check all of the time.
I think you have a really good chance of this being a false positive. What did Terri say? At a 1.14, I think it's about an 85% chance of it being a false positive, if not higher. I'd say it's similar for the 1.47.

When are you getting the WB done?
what are the chances of this being a HSV1 infection showing up as a HSV2 infection on IGG tests
because i believe my most at risk behavior is receiving unprotected blowjobs.
Like I hear western blot picks up hsv1 alot but can't tell if it is orally or genitally.
Hsv1 is a different strain, so it wouldn't show up as hsv2 on a test. If you had genital hsv1, it would still be hsv1 on an IgG blood test.

No blood test can tell you where your herpes is located. It can only tell you if you have antibodies to it. Statistically, hsv2 is almost always genital. Hsv1 could be either, but if you've had no symptoms and test positive on a test, we assume it's oral.
I am going to get the Western Blot done as soon as this Coronavirus slows down,
I was digging through this email and found a 10 panel test i did in 2014

IGG everything negative including both herpes from LabCorp
Then to clarify Jan 2020 was the first positive I received for hsv2 IGG 1.14 from Labcorp

Then March 6th I went to Quest and had hsv 2 index value 1.47

I've had many partners over the years throughout college bars, strip clubs; different ethnicity.

So i always checked for symptoms never had any sore nothing

What do you think ? The Labs and there "healthcare professionals" aren't consistent
with there information

I read a lot about one night stands being low risk if protected but now what if you've slept with a lot of women but always protected.

only oral is unprotected and i think over the years ive had a condom break twice.
So I'm confused - what makes LabCorp inconsistent? It's not them, it's the test.

I don't know how many "many partners" is - that's really subjective. Some people think 5 is many, others think 20 is, others think 50 isn't that many. You don't have to tell me, and it doesn't make a difference, really - just the higher the number, the higher the risk. For a fairly lame analogy, the more you run, the more of a chance you'll have a chance to get a runner's injury.

You are acting as if you have it. You might not. Right now, you don't know. As I said earlier, there is about an 85% chance of this being a false positive. Try not to forget that. Your supplemental test was also negative, which is a good sign.

It's a tough time to be in this situation - tougher than usual. You have to wait to get the test, and you may have more time than usual to just sit and ponder on it. Try to hang in there.
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