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HSV IGG pass by mother to baby ?

Dear Grace and other experts

this is for you hope you can help .

1. Per 《Updated Herpes handbook 》by Doc Terri Warren .The IGG blood test is the most accuracy way to diagnose HSV infection . But as i know IGG can be passed by mother to newborn .Hence ,is it mean IGG test for a baby is useless? as even the IGG of baby is postive but still not 100% means the baby was infected by HSV virus?

2. If acyclovir can effect the index value of IGG and IGM ?

My newborn baby was tested IGM  as postive on his 12 days,after 14days acyclovir treatment the IGM now turnd to negtive . i leaned from Doc Terri that we shuold take IGG test only thats why m planing to do that . but meanwile i worry about IGG was passed to baby by his mother which can make us even confused of the coming IGG test result .

Thanks and best regards .

a very sad father .
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Does you partner have genital herpes and if so which type?

What IgM test was positive (HSV1, HSV2 or was it a combined test)? What other symptoms did the baby have?

The IgG test for your baby will be accurate and will be based on their own antibodies if present.
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