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Herpes - how long do symptoms last?

I have genital herpes, diagnosed from a visual examination at a GUM clinic (swab test results due back in 7 days). I have been put on Aciclovir (5 X 200mg pills a day for 5 days) and have just finished my second day on this medication.

The sores are still incredibly painful, I'm unable to walk properly, going to the toilet is total hell and I'm not able to work with the symptoms as bad as they are at the moment.

My question is how long does it usually take for the pain to subside after an initial sever outbreak?
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It should be less than a week and the sores should start to subside.

What was your sexual history in the week leading into the sores?
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Thanks for the reply :)

My boyfriend had a cold sore and we had oral sex just over a week ago so we're assuming that's where this has come from. A few days later I began to experience a lot of itching and some small bumps on my genitals, within 2 days they had turned into blisters/sores. I've also had flu like symptoms as well but its the pain from the sores which us really getting me down.
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Yes that's a familiar story. With any luck this will be it for you, genital HSV1 can be a one off for life issue for many women.
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