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Herpes transmission from oral sex

I’m a male and had unprotected oral sex with another male. He did not disclose having herpes but I noticed after giving him oral sex there were a few white bumps towards the bottom of his penis head. If he did have herpes lesions on his penis how likely is it that I will contract herpes? It’s only been two days since the exposure but I’m very concerned.
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Herpes isn't likely to be white bumps. Herpes is usually blisters or cuts that looks like paper cuts.

White bumps can be a huge number of different things, from normal skin variations, Fordyce spots (which are just oil glands), genital warts/HPV, etc.

At the bottom of his penis head, it's probably pearly penile papules. These are totally normal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hirsuties_coronae_glandis - yes, it's a wiki article, but the photo is good. (Don't open at work or anything.)  Some men have a lot, others have fewer.

If it's papules, you have no risk- those are just part of his skin.

Did you ask him about it?
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No I didn’t think much about it at the time but It did look similar to the pearly penile papules photo which would explain why the bumps felt more firm. I’m sure if it were blisters it would have been sort of painful for him.
Yes, herpes blisters are usually painful.

Given that they were firmer, my guess is the papules. Obviously, I can't say for sure, but it sounds like it.
Thanks for your response. I’m really hoping it wasn’t any STD but I’m going to monitor for any symptoms over the next few weeks.
If you gave him oral sex, the only symptoms you'd get would be oral. You wouldn't get genital symptoms.

If you monitor, check once a day. Don't let this become an obsession.
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