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Initial outbreak question

Recent first male on male encounter consisting of unprotected oral giving and receiving.  never got hard, never ejaculated but went on 10 to 15 minutes.  4 days later notice an itching "bug bite" on my scrotum, where it rubs on my thigh.  Only minor itching and small bump but during the night must have been scratching in sleep and woke up to more of a sore.I do have a history of contact dermatitis over the last several years and immediately before the itching was in the bushes cutting them and had lots of bugs and bush parts falling into my lap.  Over the next 2 days outside working in yard, very sweaty and "bite" got worse, but again this is where my scrotum rubs my thigh and only wearing loose shorts with no underwear.  never saw a blister, sore was more open from rubbing constantly on leg.  Not painful unless rubbing on something.  No blister, no pop,  no scab.  Healed completely in 5 days much quicker after keeping dry and wearing underwear. What are the odds of me having HSV-1?  single sore, not really painful, no other symptoms.  
Sounds like worst case would be I would have genital HSV-1?  But I really am thinking something else and the guilt and anxiety are making me think the worst.
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Yeah, I have to agree that it's not ghsv1, and it sounds like bites or some kind of rash from all the yard work - allergic or just sweat and irritation - contact dermatitis is a definite and reasonable possibility. .

If you had a new herpes infection, it wouldn't have healed completely in 5 days, likely not even close. Initial outbreaks can last 2 weeks or longer, easily.

Don't let guilt and anxiety take over. You have a completely logical explanation for your symptoms.

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Thank you!  Total of 8 days from initial contact to healed.  Sounded like initial outbreaks are much longer but depending on what sites i looked at could be much shorter.  And to confirm,  oral transmission to genitals would be considered hsv1 infection?
And great service you offer here!
Yes, oral to genital would be genital hsv1 infection. The number indicates the strain of the virus, not the location. Oh - and if you already have oral hsv1, you have antibodies that will prevent you from getting it in another location.

Eight days would be really quick, especially without antiviral treatment.

I know the timing of it all stinks, but I really don't think this is hsv1.  
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