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Pimple in penis or STD

Let me start by giving you a little background of my case. An ex-girlfriend confessed me that she had herpes. I had sex with her less than 10 times and always using a condom. This was- let’s say- 6 months ago.  She told me that the doctor said she was asymptomatic and/or that the virus was not active. She never got symptoms or outbreaks. So it is unlikely that’s he can pass me the virus.
One day before she told, I noticed a pimple in the public hair area. I went to the doctor and the doctor performed a culture test and the results were “not isolated-not found” (which means negative, correct?). Well, a couple of days ago I notice a single pimple in the base on my penis head. It does not have puss or fluid liquid and I am not experiencing any symptoms such as pain, itching, tingling. When I touch it hurts but just a tiny bit.  Coincidently, it appeared single pimples on different parts of my body such as forehead, cheeks, shoulder, leg. They itch and hurst little bit when I press the, But they are single pimples. I think I was bite by mosquitos or other insect since I slept with my window open and I live in a first floor. What do you think? Can this be herpes or other STD? I am usually very hypochondriac.  Should I get tested again?

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Hi, firstly stating no outbreaks means its not active is not correct as shedding of hsv2 genital occurs 15% of the time, meaning the virus is on the surface with no visible sores at the time.
Im not saying these to scare you, only to educate you.
If she has hsv2 genital, you can reliably rule out facial hsv 2 as its not common. So this leads us to you penis pimple, and from what your describe it would appear as that, a pimple as genital herpes sores are most often painful, are on the shaft, and cluster.
Swabs are only good for showing a positive as can miss it for various reasons. To confirm if you have herpes, take a blood test igG type specific.
Hope this was helpful.
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Hi Life360,

Thank you very much for replying. I appreciate for taking the time to answer me. Are you a doctor or just know about the disease?

Do you think it is recommendable for me to do the test? I red that sometimes the test is even more detrimental than the result (false positives). Moreover, I told my doctor that I wanted to have also the blood test when she did the cultural test. And she said that I am at low risk that the pimple was not herpes, that I shouldn't get the blood test. Also the CDC does not recommend it.  I am pretty sure that my doctor wont recommend the blood test.

Just by my symptoms, what do you think? is it herpes or it can be other STD or just a pimple?
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Blood testing  would be recommended if you have a regular partner or sexually active for the protection of others. False positive issues are easily resolved by a second test.  
Just know about herpes.
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Thank you brother. I tried to post this in the "Ask doctor" forum but it says that there are not receiving questions. It is my first time in this site. do you know whats going on? why I cant ask a doctor?
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Its closed down but what ive advised is mostly from the experts past replies.
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This is the only issue here. You had possible exposure to herpes through sex and you have not taken a blood test to confirm your status. Swabs are only good for showing a positive as miss things in the sway. You have a regular partner and need to 100% cofirm you dont have herpes for their protection.
that it!
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