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Right now, I am scared and worried out of my mind. Last night, I noticed that my bottom lip had two bumps and a small pimple on my lip line. I do have Fordyches condition, where I get tiny oil gland bumps on my lip. Howvever, These bumps are a tad bit bigger. They are not noticeable to the naked eye but when I strtech my lip back, I see the there the bumps are. One bump has a white head and the other two are juss pink and kinda smaller. They do not hurt or itch, as of now. How do I knw these arent cold sores ? One of them are getting smaller and less noticeable. And it seems as if they get dry and ash quickly. I am so afraid I dont knw wat to do...Please help. I lost soo much sleep last nite.
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Well thanks. However since that time to now, these bumps are more visible.
On my bottom lip I have one that looks exactly like anywhite head that appeas on the skin of my face?
And on my upper lip I have like 3 lump, like a gap from my lip line. These poke out nd r skin toned.
When I rub my lips the top bumps seem to excrete a lil liquid.
None of the bumps are painful nor form open sores,but they do get dry leave an ashy mark.
Can this be the start of a cold sore?  
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it sounds like you are working awfully hard to see these. no reason to think that they are herpes related.

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