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Oral Herpes Symptoms

I had just got release from incarceration. I will start from the beginning, I had got incarcerated 9 months ago. no doubt im sure i was alright before i went in. I had starting eating food like i was supposed to and about a month & a half into my time i started biting my lip(I thought from dry lips) and as i was biting my lips this how it started, at first i was biting my lips and there where no bumps or sores on my bottom lip, I had bit it one day and it bled really good...it ended up scabbing up and turning black and i would repeatdely bite that one spot and sometimes it got bigger and bled most of the time as it was im assuming healing up..around a month in a half two months after this initial start it was starting to go down and heal its self...it had been 3 occasions of this happening in my 9 month time span of incarceration....I heard sometimes it was dry lips and ive been biting and others said it could be a cold sore. I did not eat directly after anybodys food trays but i would pick around their food and take what they ate and get rid of all of their touched food.....as of now im released and the last time it happened was around late September and now at about 2 days before my release(20) it has healed up and now my lips still feel dry..also this thing happened in the same exact spot everytime i would bite my lips and now as its healed if you look up close at it, it appears greyish...I have not had any bumps on my lips, just this sore everytime i had bit my lip in that place.....what can you opinonate from this post and what is the recommended action?? please give me some guidance
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You don't get oral herpes from sharing food. You get oral herpes from kissing.

I don't know what was happening with your lip, though constantly biting it sounds like a good cause. If it comes back, see your doctor. GuitarRox's advice about getting some help for your anxiety is a good idea.
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At this moment if i expand my lips they turn so white and i have to lick them its bizzare and i have two tiny very tiny little red sores on the inside of my lip where once the sore i was talking about just under it on the inside of my lip and small like red but even sometimes as i was biting my lip they would bleed a little....also i forgot to mention as the one sore on my outer bottom lip would heal i could feel the blood in my circulatory stream pumping and i could feel on the sore where the blood was pumping in my body its weird... anything please anything would help me rn
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You think that chewing your lip and creating a sore is related to herpes? How does that make sense?
Have you considered getting some help for anxiety and mental health related issues? This would probably be my best advice said with compassion. You need to work on the mental health of why you have irrational fear all the time.
Ok i was in that crazy place and i was trying my best to get help they dont care about peoples well being in jail at all so i was worried im currently undertaking council for some of these specific reasons. other than that thank you for the advice
Find a way to get psychological counseling for anxiety and other mental health issues you may suffer. I don't know why you were incarcerated but it sounds like you need some emotional help. Talk therapy with medication has the best chance of recovery so you aren't plagued with irrational concerns.
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