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Potential HSV2 - one time encounter

Appreciate all the help this community provides. I am a 37/m and have been HSV1 positive since a child form oral cold sores.

I had a one time encounter with a one night stand on 6/5. I don’t know much about the individual and have been regretting the day ever since. We had unprotected oral and intercourse.

I immediately felt paranoid and started thinking I had urethritis so I went and got tested for stds. I will list the history of tests below. I have had zero symptoms of an STD realistically besides my own paranoia until 7/25. On 7/25 I noticed two very small lesions on my penis shaft. They don’t itch and are not painful. They don’t have the typical red base like a cold sore but they do seem fluid filled. They are really small, and the only way I can tell that they look fluid filled is with flashing a light at a certain angle at it. They have not grown since I’ve noticed it or turned into an ulcer. How long does it typically take from lesion forming for it to break out and ooze? I have not had any fever that I’ve noticed either.

Dates of testing
6/7 - chlymidia and gonnorhea urine test and throat swab - negative
6/10 - full panel std test, all negative - HSV2 igg negative
6/23 - full panel std test, all negative - HSV2 igg negative
7/26 - the day after seeing the lesion, full panel std test, all negative - HSV2 igg negative

7 weeks post exposure still negative on HSV2 - when should I retest?
Is this still too early to detect even with an initial outbreak going on?
My only other concern would be a genital wart forming - let me know your thoughts please.
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Has a doctor actually seen the spots? That's the only way to know for sure what they are. If there is fluid in them, they can test that. The sooner you go, the better the chance of an accurate test.

Don't wait for it to break - which can take a few  to several days if this is herpes.

The timeline doesn't really fit herpes, and you had a 7 week negative IgG, which bodes well as 70% of people will test positive by 6 weeks.

Just get to a doctor and let them look at it. There's no way for us to know what it is- we can't see it, and you need someone to look at it.

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Would you recommend a dermatologist or a primary care?
And also - would they be getting larger daily if it is herpes? Or at the least progressing? They seem to have stayed the same shape and size.

They are brown which is my skin color of my penis.
Either a derm or a primary care, or an STD clinic, if those exist where you live. Just go get them looked at.

They would probably be forming blisters and spreading a bit if it was herpes. This doesn't sound like herpes, but you should get it checked because they are new symptoms.
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