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Risk of herpes from sucking fingers and being fingered?


I was fooling around with someone, I was sucking his fingers and let him finger my anus, I took a look at his fingers, looked clean, no lesions no cuts. I also gave him a handjob but I notice small linear cuts on the base of his penis, which seemed recently healed as it was dry. He told me it was circumcision scar. Nevertheless I avoided touching the scars and washed my hands after finishing him.

Still though, what are the risks of herpes from sucking and being fingered with apparently clean fingers? I'm scared that I might contract herpes in the next few weeks, what if he touched his penis before letting me suck on his fingers and be fingered with him? What are the odds of herpes virus surviving on skin?

I'm scared to death at the moment
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There is no risk of getting herpes this way. Herpes requires direct contact - like mouth to genital, genital to genital - in order to transmit. It doesn't survive well enough to transmit via genital to fingers to mouth.

I'm a little confused about his circumcision scar. Was it at the base of his penis, or at the base of the penis head? If it was at the bottom of the penis shaft, that's not how a circumcision works - they remove the foreskin, and the scar would be at the base of the head of the penis. I'm not sure if you forgot a word there. If you need to, google "circumcision scar" and look at images. NOTE - do not do this at work, around others, etc.

It doesn't matter as to your risk though - there isn't any - I'm just wondering about it.
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The scar was on the base of his penis shaft, which is why I didn't buy it either. All I did was doing my best avoiding those scars despite looking dry/recently healed and washed my hands afterwards, also refused to give him oral. Worst case scenario it is a herpes sore being healed. Still though, I have no risk of contracting herpes from his finger to my mouth and his finger to my anus, right?
Nope, you still have no risk, no matter what the sores/scars were.

STDs don't get transmitted from fingers like this - it's just not an efficient way to do it. You don't have anything to worry about. :)
Oh and good call on not giving him oral. Herpes rarely goes from the genitals to the mouth, but it can, and if these were recently healed herpes outbreaks, it could happen.

If it were some other kind of sore - from a cut, or surgery, or who knows what - he doesn't need your mouth bacteria on it, and you don't need whatever germs may be remaining on it in your mouth.

Oh another thought - maybe he had some genital warts burned off. It's all speculation, and oral HPV can happen, so good call.

A really good call would be not hooking up with him again lol. He sounds shady.
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