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So little story here, I have hsv2 genitally. I told this guy about 4 years ago. I think he forgot because when we were making out he fingered me and kept pushing for sex. We didn’t have sex but I have an open sore down there right now. He fingered me and then I gave oral. Well he touched his dick two times while I gave oral, a few minutes after he fingered me. He only
Touched his penis for a few seconds. And later he touched
His mouth. So I guess my question is, how likely he to get hsv2? He actually licked his finger. So I reallt would like to know because I’m freaking out. This sore has been here
For about a week and it’s almost
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There's very little risk here.

The biggest risk is for him to get herpetic whitlow, which is herpes on the finger. If his skin was intact - no cuts - then he won't get it.

By the time he touched his penis and his mouth, there was too much exposure to air, movement, etc., for the virus to infect him.

However, when you have an outbreak, you are most contagious, and should tell partners when you do. He may have forgotten. What seems like a big deal to us often escapes others. I told a guy once, and a few years later, we reconnected, and when I brought it up again, he was all, "you have herpes?"

Is this someone you are in some kind of relationship with - even a friends with benefits thing? You might need to remind him if you are.
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thank you so much! also I’m just friends with him he drove to see me , this is a one time thing !
You're welcome :)
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