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Starting to fret a little

Last Labor Day weekend I had protected sex with a stripper I've known a while. We went at it for about a half hour finishing with her on top. Point being I'm sure there was quite a bit of skin to skin contact.  About exactly 5 weeks later I got what looked like a pimple or ingrown hair on my upper pubic region. It really didn't look like a blister because it was hard to the touch but who knows.  I shrugged it off and it went away. About a month ago it reappeared and this time it took longer to go away and it left behind a little patch of red skin that is still there. I'm just wondering what you think.  I've been screened for the other stis and come out ok.
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It doesn't sound like herpes, but it's hard to say what it is. It could certainly be an infected hair follicle. Have you let a doctor see it?

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No. It wasn't there when I went in to get looked at for other things. If you think it's worth making a special trip in for it though I will.
I'm sorry I haven't responded before now. If it's still there, you should absolutely let a doctor see it.
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