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does this look like herpes?

Does this look like herpes? It started out as one open blister looking thing and three days later I have more. Please look at the pictures and let me know. I also have pink eye and was told it is a symptom of herpes. Thanks
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No, it looks more like infected hair follicles. Have you seen a doctor?

Herpes in your eye is very serious. Who told you that pink eye was a symptom of herpes? Pink eye can be caused by many, many things, including Covid. If there is a chance that you have herpes in your eye, you need to see an eye doctor now. If you have a chance of having covid, see a doctor today.

Whatever you have going on with these genital sores, it's not related to Covid, but you should get a doc to look at them and culture them. It could be a staph infection from shaving the area. It really doesn't look like herpes.
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I got blood taken yesterday to check for herpes. My girlfriend has herpes so I am assuming that is what it is. I have more blisters that popped up today and my lymph nodes in my groin are swollen and hurt.
The doctor who drew my blood yesterday told me that pinkeye was a symptom. My eye is swollen and red, there are no bumps, I don't know if it has anything to do with the blisters
Pink eye is not a symptom of herpes unless you have herpes in the eye, which is very dangerous.

Herpes is generally not spread out like that. Did your doctor culture any of those spots? If you got new spots, don't pop anything, and let your doctor culture them. That's the best way to determine what it is.

A blood test isn't going to be accurate right now. If he did an IgM, that's a terrible test, and is wrong at least as often as it is right, and if this is a new infection, your IgG will still be negative.

I really don't think this is herpes. I think it's staph or another bacteria from shaving, and I think you need someone to check your eye out. If they think it's herpes related, you need to see an eye doctor NOW.
The doctor did not look at the bumps he just took blood. I will upload new pictures in a few minutes
I uploaded a photo. Please let me know what you think.
He didn't look at the bumps? That's unfortunate. How is it doing now?

Did you delete your photos, or were they removed by the mods for being genital pics?

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