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hsv 2 - igm postive / igg negative

hi - just received herpes results.

i found out the my hsv 2 igm test is positive.

however, all other tests (igg for 1&2 and igm for 1) are negative.

i am wondering what this means? i have never experienced any symptoms or outbreaks. i definitely have been irresponsible with sex over the last few years, though.

i read that igm results are faulty because they-
1. cannot decipher between hsv 1 or 2
2. can produce a false positive
3. less common to have a positive igm without a positive igg

if anyone has insight on what a positive hsv 2 igm result means (without igg positive), i would so appreciate it.

thanks so much
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My understanding is igm herpes test are inaccurate. Because igm test can pick up herpes 1 antibodies and lead to positive results for herpes 2. Basically it cannot differentiate between the two types of herpes. Always stick to igg hsv2 test results as they are most accurate. It's most accurate at 12 weeks or later. But a negative or positive test result at 6 to 8 weeks is dependable. If you feel you have an outbreak do a PCR test of skin irregularity within the first 48 hours. It tests for the virus itself. A positive result is conclusive.
thank you so much. i haven't had any type of outbreak, so i really am hoping that the igm result is not indicative. really unsure why they test for igm, though?
The igm can detect a new herpes 2 infection but it's pretty much worthless in accuracy if you already have an herpes 1 infection, which 80% of the US population have. To be certain retest with the igg herpes 2 test and asked to be credited or refunded on the igm test or your insurance not pay for the igm. A lot of places do not use the igm due to the inaccuracy and state of panic it can put patients in.
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Igm tests are used as an early detection test. Igm antibodies are the first on the scene.
Igm tests for hsv should not be given to adults. They are wrought with false positives. Even the ultra conservative CDC is against them.
You are correct on all counts. Completely disreguard the igm results. I spend a great deal of time on this forum with people like yourself that have a positive igm. It's a shame labs srill offer the test and Dr's are not up to speed on the testing.
thank you guys so much - you really, really helped me to feel better. everything ive read re igm testing sounds like complete and utter worthlessness and seriously results in massive panic. so i so, so much appreciate your responses.
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