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hsv-2 positive as a VIRGIN, possible false positive PLEASE HELP

I recently shared a blunt with a stranger and there was a lot of his saliva on it since he rolled it and I noticed a bump on his lips, as a very paranoid person I immediately went to go get tested for herpes which was already stupid of me but I was scared. I took an IGg blood test and the results were HSV-1 <90 (NEGATIVE) and HSV-2 3.97 which I read is a high positive but these results confused me because I promise I am a VIRGIN, the only thing I've done was masturbate (alone of course) and my parents don't have a history of herpes. Could this be a possible false positive? Ive been having problems urinating where I would urinate and still feel like I had to go, could this be an underlying problem that caused spikes in the hsv-2 test since I've read they are sensitive? I've had pus filled bumps on my underwear line in middle and high school and a pus filled bubble on my buttocks. They only thing I can think of is after we smoked I went home and masturbated, could his saliva have possiblly stayed on my hand and caused a transmission or me using the school restroom? Other than that I've been in no situation where I could've gotten it because I really am a virgin. I would really like advice before proceed with a western blot, please help. (BTW I can't remember when I smoked with him but it was sometime in June or July 2021 and I got tested in December of 2021)
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I would say that as you are a virgin, this does sound like a false positive. HSV 2 is not 'too' often spread orally but when they talk about that, they normally mean through oral sex, giving or receiving. HSV 2 is a skin to skin std.  Theoretically, sharing a blunt 'could' but is unlikely.  Contact is usually necessary such as kissing, oral sex, intercourse, etc. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/teens/ask-experts/can-herpes-be-spread-through-sharing-food-and-drinks  The article is about food or drink, but sharing a blunt is the same type of thing.  What does your doctor say? You had no sores or symptoms so what prompted the test?
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I took the test out of paranoia, which I shouldn't have since I didn't have symptoms, I also read that hsv-2 can only be spread sexually which is why I was confused about the hsv-2 results. Since this might be a false positive, do you think I should get a western blot?
Yes, I definitely think you need a Western Blot.

You can't get hsv2 from anything but sexual contact, so I can't imagine how you'd get this as a virgin. Typically, under 3.5 can be a false positive, but I've read of much higher being false positives.

If your doctor won't give it to you, you can go to Terri Warren - https://westoverheights.com/getting-a-herpes-western-blot/

Keep us posted.
yes I will keep you posted, also is there a chance I could've gotten hsv-2 from the saliva from the blunt and/or masturbating at home after smoking with the possibility of the saliva still being on my hand? or can I only get hsv-2 from sexual contact?
No. Herpes is transmitted only by direct skin to skin contact, like kissing, oral sex, vaginal sex or anal sex. You can also get it from heavy grinding or rubbing.

Hsv2 is rarely found orally, and when it is, it rarely recurs. If he had a sore on his lips, it was probably hsv1. If somehow that managed to get on your genitals, that would be genital hsv1, not 2. The number indicates the strain of the virus, not the location.

Transmitting it by way of hands from saliva, etc. is really inefficient and even if he had oral hsv2, it wouldn't transmit that way, hours later.
Does it matter how long after? Because it was around 20-30 minutes after I smoked that I masturbated.. or is still inefficient regardless?
Sorry for the second comment, but I’ve been confused because I’ve been reading other forums where they would ask if they got hsv2 because they got handjobs from escorts where the escorts used their saliva as lube and all the answers would say there is no risk of hsv2 transmission because it is not direct contact. Is this correct information? And if so would that make me ok since I didn’t have direct contact? Thank you.
It's still inefficient regardless, but that long after would make it even less likely. In that time, you are using your hands to do all kinds of things - close doors, change or remove clothes, touching all kinds of things - maybe the remote, your phone, the fridge, a drink or food, furniture, etc.

Yes also to the question about the handjobs question - you need direct contact, which both GuitarRox and I explained earlier.

Last question before I go to get a western blot, sorry for the amount of questions, but to clarify one last time, even if he has hsv2 orally or hsv2 in general, I would need direct contact with him for him to transmit it to me? also since he rolled the blunt with his saliva and we both shared the blunt together and constantly swapped saliva from sharing the same mouthpiece, even if I went home and masturbated with a chance of his saliva being on my hand, its not possible for it to be transmitted since me and him had zero direct contact, since you need direct contact with said person to get hsv2? thank you for being patient and helping me.
This is the same question.

For you to get hsv2 on your genitals, someone with oral hsv2 would have to perform oral sex on you. This is a very unlikely scenario.

Far more likely is that you''d have vaginal or anal sex with someone who has it genitally, or you'd have heavy rubbing or grinding unclothed.

That's it.
Sorry I promise this is the last question.

Since there is no chance that I could have gotten hsv2 from sharing a blunt and or possibly masturbating with his saliva on my hand, then why was my hsv2 test at a 3.97? I’ve been having trouble urinating, could there be something else wrong with me that could have spiked the test? Also will the western blot be able to differentiate what wrong with me and not give me a false positive again?
Thank you so much for being patient with me.
No, there is no way that happened.

I've already explained that there are false positives with the test. They can often happen because there are normal blood proteins that have the same molecular weight as the hsv2 antibodies, which can trip up the test. The WB uses a different testing method, so that doesn't happen on that test.

If you are having problems urinating, see your doctor. It's not herpes, but it is something you need to get checked out.
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