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partner gets monthly coldsores

My partner gets really bad monthly outbreaks of coldsores on his lips and also around his mouth. he told me when he was young he used to also get them on his thumb because he used to suck it.unfortunately for me i have a phobia of contracting it both orally and genitally. ive never caught them off him orally despite kissing him while he has symptoms, and so far i havent let him give me oral sex as i actually am recovering from vaginal lichen planus with treatment by immunesuppressants. i guess what im wondering is there any way to reduce the ourbreaks for him and minimise my chances of catching it especially since in on immune suppressants. im more concerned of catching it genitally.
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Use condom .. but the risk is still present .
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First he needs to be tested to confirm its herpes and you should as well. Both your status needs to be confirmed as many people have hsv1 oral as was contracted at childhood. Its estimated that upward of 65% of the adult population would test positive for this so there a chance you have it all ready as many never show symptoms.

If you have it then you cant catch it again in the same area like the oral area. And the risk to contract it in the genital area from oral sex would be close to zero if possible at all is it does not ping pong to other areas.
He can reduce his outbreaks by taking anti viral meds and also reduce shedding.
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