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small red spot, sore throat.. really worried

  about a week ago i had a girl give me oral sex with a condom. but before she put on the condom she had spit on my penis and masturbated me for a few minutes.  the next day i began to be very paranoid about any std from her saliva coming in contact with my penis. soon after i began to have mild penis pain, mild tingling and itching sensations in the genital area with no other symptoms.  about the same time i noticed a little red spot on the side of my shaft. it is not painful to touch nor does it seem to get any bigger. it is getting darker and seems to be more so under the skin. the spot is about 1mm big and has only darkened in apperance since it first appeared about a week ago. upon closer inspection i noticed that it is a bundle of little spots like three or four clustered together about the size of pin needles and almost looks like the wounds you would get from poking yourself with needles. and also as i run my finger across it while i stretch the skin out it gets lighter and as soon as i release the skin it goes back to a dark red color.

about two days from contact with the girl who gave me oral, i had sex with another girl who also gave me oral and we had unprotected sex. two to three days later she complained of a sore throat and minor ear pain. she hasn't complained of any other symptoms.

i was wondering if i had anything to worry about or is this all in my head?
is the red spot just an irritation from the masturbation like a broke blood vessel?
if it is a disease what kind of disease should i be aware of and get tested for?
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i forgot to mention the girl that gave me oral with a condom had a white spot on her lip about 5-6mm big with no redness around it. she said it was a scar but it looked to perfectly round to be a scar to me. can anyone help me ease my mind
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You need to get tested for all STD's as you had Oral sex as well as unprotected sex with another girl yet you seem more concerned about the one who spit on your penis ???? I'd be far more concerned about the second incident than the first one .....
Get yourself checked and don't try to self diagnos it doesn't work ......
Ask for a full STD sreening and ask then to include type specific 1Gg Herpes blood test as well ........
In future stay protected and use a condom at all times and you won't have to put yourself through this again.

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thanks for the advice.
  the thing is that the girl i had unprotected sex with is my regular partner and has been for the past 5 yrs.  and we've never had problems before. i have read other forms and i know that the likely hood of catching something through siliva is very rare. but does it increase with a possible sore on the person's lip? she said that the white spot on her lip was just a scar and it had no redness to it or scab like apperance. my main concern is spreading something to my regular partner. i'm really worried. and since i found out that the likely hood is rare my symptoms has almost gone away. but it has been about 10 days. my question is it normal for herpes symptoms to go away after about a week of exposure with out an out break? and i will get tested. how long should i wait to have the best results with out a false negative or false positive?
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i had unprotected sex with this girl when i was drunk and nothing - a week later i had sex with the same person and noticed a red dot or 2 - i left it over night and woke up to like 20 of them - 4 on the front of the head and the rest under the rim of the head and on this inside of the foreskin - no itching, soreness just a second of tingling like 5-6 times a week - after putting on savalon everyday and night when i woke up and when i go bed after a shower it seemed to reduce the red dot and open skin around it - now after 2 weeks of having it they've seemed to start growing white bumps on them but still no itching or irritation - s many sites say different things - just some one relieve me.
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Please create your question from the post a question link.  
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