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How do I encourage my mom to stop smoking and to eat more healthy?

Because she has high blood pressure and it could get worse if she doesn't so that could lead to her passing away if she doesn't stop smoking or start eating healthy.
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Your mom or dad might not know how important it is to you that they quit smoking, so tell them honestly. Chances are you’re more important to them than their cigarettes.


No one likes nagging, especially smokers. In fact, it may discourage them from quitting or even thinking about attempting to quit. Try your best not to nag before and during your parent’s quit.


Smokers want to know they’re being heard and even if they say things you don’t necessarily agree with, try to hear them out. Instead of talking at them, ask questions and listen to their side of the story.


If you don’t smoke, you may think quitting is easy. But, smoking is an addiction and a huge challenge to overcome. Be sympathetic when your parents actually go through with their quit.


Stress is a major factor in why people slip up when quitting smoking, so try to alleviate potential stress points for your parents while they quit. Do some chores around the house, run errands, or offer to cook meals.


It’s important that your parent is the one to throw out the lighters, ashtrays and cigarettes after the decision is made to quit smoking. Don’t throw out your parents’ stuff before they’re ready to quit.          


Even if your mom or dad slip up and have a cigarette, stay positive. And instead of getting angry that they failed, encourage them to continue their quit. Make sure to tell them that you’re proud. Moms and dads love hearing that — especially from their kids.


It’s natural to get upset, especially at your parents. But try not to lecture when talking about quitting smoking. It will only exasperate them, and might deter their follow through. Remem
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It's really hard when you worry about a family member and they actively do something that you know hurts them. :-(
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It's really hard when we see family members making lifestyle choices that are detrimental to them. I fully understand. We have so little control over others even when they are our mom. I'd try to think of a way to do it that doesn't make her defensive. A discussion of how much you love her and how you want her around for as long as possible may make her warm up to the convo. Smoking, unfortunately, is an addictive habit. That is rough to quit. But nicotine patches can help. Food choice is important. Maintaining a good weight with proper bmi. Also good. Does she get an annual physical? What happens when you talk about any of this?
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Is it common for people with high blood pressure to stay around until they're 100 years old?
That's a weird question. All people are different. It's actually not common for ANYONE to stay around until they are 100. High blood pressure should be treated to help give as many years of life as possible.
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