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hey guys thanks for the advice, but i do have one more question about high blood pressure, i bought some  supplements called potassium plus, coenzyme q10, and some magnesium, ive been eating alot of cold cut and baked chicken lately, everyday.  and i did notice that theres over 790 miligrams of sodium, is that why my  blood pressure isnt going down but up, my  first two reading were 148/ over 80,  but my last two were 154 over 90, i did only get  about four hours asleep that day, also does it matter what arm they take it on?i've been running three miles aday for about a week, and i havent seen a diffrence, should i go on a vegitarian diet for a month and excercise like this, three miles a day, i m sorry to keep asking questions,but this is the only thing thats keeping me away from bootcamp. doctors prescription, will disqualify me permanatly.I have been drinking and eating alot of fast food for at least five years, and  i stopped two weeks ago from that habit.im twenty five years old 120 pounds. my heart been checked by that scope thing, and it was normal, you dont think i have diabetes or a kidney or liver problem that would keep my blood pressure at this level do you. well any info would be great, foods excersices, anything, thanks so much for your help ,Dom
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By scope I assume you mean an ultrasound or a TEE (ultra sound down the throat) The scope may have been done if you have a lot of muscle or fat blocking the view of your heart.

To get back on topic if you only have your BP measured in the doctors office you may have a condtion called white coat high blood pressure. Next time you are in a store use one of the free BP machines they have next to the pharamcy.

Google white coat blood pressure to get some more info on this.  You may be overly sensitive to stress and other stimuli which causes your BP to rise when it shoudln't.

Ask your docotor about the above things.
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I don't know if your blood pressure had actually been consistently high I.e at least 3 reading taken and recorded as high. If you are just 25 and weighing 120pounds it may be a good idea to have a more extensive health check. Your physician will be able to guide you more on that note. A simple blood test should be able to lay to rest your worries about diabetes, you kidneys may also be looked at .
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Well, the first thing you need to do is calm down some.  Stress is only going to maintain or increase your current b.p.  It is good that you have given up the drinking and fast food habits, but realize that while you can quit all at once, your body cannot.  I'm not suggesting resume drinking and fast food at lower levels, but you should expect your b.p. to SLOWLY begin decreasing with this healthier activity (It's going to take longer than a week for sure).  Keep exercising daily, but not too much--especially if you are not used to it, because overtraining can cause stress.  Do not take blood pressure readings within an hour of eating or exercising.  

Try to moderate salt (sodium) intake and eat plenty of FRESH fruits and vegetables.  Deli meat, or sliced/prepackaged meats (pretty much anything prepackaged and frozen) are usually always high in sodium.  I would recommend limiting these from your diet while you are trying to lower your bp. The American Heart Association has a useful website regarding b.p.:  
Here is a list of their recommended (and not recommended foods):


There is also new research out supporting dark chocolate (3 oz. daily) can reduce blood pressure.  This is dark chocolate only.

Hot Tea is good for relaxing plus it has lots of antioxidants.  It is also important for you to reduce caffeine as it can increase your b.p.  
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Baked chicken is fine.  You mentioned not getting enough sleep.  Insufficient sleep adds stress to your system thus increasing your bp.  

It doesn't matter which arm the bp reading is taken on.  The only consideration regarding bp readings is if the cuff is too big or small for the arm.  If the bp cuff is too small, likely you will have a higher reading. But, since you are only 120 lbs, this is likely not the case.  Most cuffs are designed for arms smaller than 15 inches.  This is especially true if you are taking your readings at the local supermarket or other store.  These machines' readings vary depending on how much of your arm you put in the cuff.  Try to put your arm in so that your forearm can lay flat on the area in front of the cuff (like the diagram shows).  Also, try resting for 5 minutes before taking your bp at one of these machines.  Do 2 readings 5 minutes apart and average for a closer estimate of your true bp.  You can be amazed at the variance of these machines.
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Actually I have heard that there is a slight difference in BP reading depending on what arm you use but the difference is small and may be a normal variant. In any event follow the above advice and try to limit your stress. You may also want to get screened for conditions that can raise your BP a simple blood test with kidney, liver and thyroid functions should be able to rule these out.

Like others have said do not take your BP after exercising try taking it when you are most relaxed.
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You all must realize that abnormal BP as well as the crux of most all dis-ease is oxidative stress; the only way to combat oxidative stress is through a high intake of anti-oxidants.  These need to come from RAW Fruits and vegtables and preferrably free of herbicides and pesticides. Synthetic, fragmented, man-made vitamins will not work as they are missing the enzymes necessary to assimilate ALL the compounds mother nature provides.  Those who exercise need far better nutrition than those who do not due to exercise induced oxidative stress.  Stop the O.S. and you will slow down dis-ease and aging itself. Seriously.
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