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Hai all

Im currently on rabies vaccination after third dose I used a topical ointment which has steroids in it for fungal infection...does it effect my vaccine .because some are saying steroid effect vaccine.my ointment name is KETO -B..i used for only two days
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No, topical steroids won't have any impact...Nothing to worry mate.
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No, a topical cream won't affect that. If you were taking an oral steroid long term, that might, but a brief use of a topical will have no effect whatsoever.

You are getting the vaccine for a non-bite, so you'll be fine either way.
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Thanks very much sorry but last question some amount of cream left inside my nails accidentally I touched my tounge and I cleaned my mouth with that fingers will it consider as oral medication

An oral medication is in pill or liquid form, and as I said, you'd have to be on it for a long time.

Are you getting help for your anxiety?
Thank you very much yes Im suffering from anxiety just one question actually before giving third dose nurse splitted some medicine before giving me from syringe initially the medicine didn't came from syringe but pulling the syringe again made some vaccine come out from syringe.  Does it effect my vaccine dosage or it is normal last question pleas help me
That question was already answered in your previous thread.

PLEASE talk to your doctor about your anxiety. The panic you are having is not normal or rational.
I had a similar question...I had a CT scan while taking the vaccine and somehow I think that the radiation emitted from the machine will cause immunosuppresssion amd might cause a decreased antibody titre? Is that possible or is it just my anxiety??
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