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Rabies vaccine side effects

I took 2 shots of rabies vaccine just out of anxiety due to bats. I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia. After the vaccine, I developed sore throat and just a feeling of little bit off, feeling to sleep all the time and it’s been a week since my 2nd dose. I’m worried can the rabies vaccine cause rabies if some particle are left alive due to technical error? Im in Melbourne and there is no rabies in Australia and due to which some selected people only need the rabies vaccine can this cause faulty procurement of vaccines in the clinics ?
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No one here can speculate about what's causing your symptoms. If you are concerned about the vaccine and potential side effects, talk to the doctor or clinic who administered it to you.

Instead of taking a vaccine for a disease that isn't even present in your country, you would be better served by finding a counselor who can help you address your irrational fears.
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Thanks for your reply. My main worry is the vaccine itself, if it can cause rabies if any particle are left to be inactivated. And I had wine on the 3rd day after the 2nd dose, can that cause any problem ?
There is no pharmaceutical company on this planet that would distribute a vaccine that might potentially give someone rabies. This is irrational and paranoid thinking.
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You are good mate. There has not been a single documented case of someone getting rabies from the vaccine. You are just very anxious. You should find other causes for the symptoms you are experiencing. It might just be anxiety.
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