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mood tracker - choose when day starts

I really like that for the sleep tracker you can set when your day starts. This makes a lot of sense to me since obviously you don't want to have to say "I slept from 10pm to midnight on Friday and then midnight to 9am on Saturday and then also Saturday from 11pm to midnight."

My question is, is there a way you could implement this on the other trackers as well? I know my mood can shift drastically late at night. If I can't sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning, I can get either very depressed or very manic, even if I've had a pretty even day. I also might engage in destructive behaviors during that time, and it makes more sense to me to have them be included in the day before I go to bed (so if it happens on 1am on Saturday, it actually gets marked for Friday).

So to sum up, I'd like a feature on the mood tracker similar to the one on the sleep tracker that lets me set when each day "begins."

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That is a good idea and I will certainly pass this on to the developers for you.

Thanks for suggesting it!

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