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Can ringworm make you feel unwell?

Hi, I tend to get heart skips when unwell and I've been feeling slightly rough for about a week (with heart skips, I've had a referral to a cardiologist, all past tests were normal)......now it looks like I've got ringworm on my leg.  As it's developed, I've also been off my food yesterday and today, nothing major, just off colour...

Could it be the ringworm that's affected me?  It looks identical to all the images online and the pharmacist thought it was ringworm but wasn't entirely sure.  Today it's looking more like it and itching.

Just curious, because it would explain my heart skips if it's a systemic thing and not just localised as they say in some reports.

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Hi, and sorry you haven't been feeling well. No ring worm doesn't make you feel bad it is on the surface of the skin and doesn't go systemic (internally). Did the cardiologist do a 24 hour monitor on you? The EKG, doesn't always pick up an arrhythmia. The echocardiogram looks for structural problems and the stress test is more for irregular heartbeat and blood flow as well. But it is only for about an hour whereas the 24 hour monitor you wear overnight can pick up things they may not catch in a short time. The stress test is pretty good though if you had that. If you have an irregular heart beat that would make you feel that a fluttering feeling in the chest or pain sometimes, and a feeling of the heart skipping a beat. Some other odd sensations are felt as well.

So you need to get a prescription for the ringworm fungus. It is not over the counter. Well, terpinifine (Lamisil) may work on it but it isn't as good and will take a lot longer to go away as the types they have for this specific type of fungus.

What country do you live in? Have you eaten anything differently lately? Have any food allergies? Any fever?


I forgot to mention that the terbinifine (Lamisil) or what you get from the doctor is a topical cream or ointment.
mkh9, thanks for replying, I'm a bag of nerves at the moment.  I have had two holter monitor tests but they were about 5 years ago now, and also had an event monitor.  Of course my heart didn't do anything too weird whilst wearing them as it knows when it's being monitored, lol.

I don't know why I'm laughing I'm so scared by all this.

But yes I've had those tests and a basic stress test.

I had increased the dose of the sleeping tablet zoplicone over christmas up to the present.  I had been weaning off it, but there are noise problems where I live and the doctor said increase the zoplicone as a temporary solution...

Some of the symptoms I'm experiencing with my heart I've had in the past when I had all the checks done.  They had all calmed down so I'm wondering if it's is due to the zoplicone increase recently (I was on a higher dose before when had heart symptoms) and then a decrease of half a tablet over the last ten days.  Kind of feels like it....

Pharmacist gave me Canesten for the 'ringworm,' there's only one lesion and she's still not sure if it's ringworm as not as red and raised as they usually are.  The itching has stopped with one application of the cream....but thanks for your advice.  I really appreciate it.  My mind is very anxious, and i think now, looking at it, it might be to do with the changes in zoplicone...

Thanks  :-)
That is good. I would keep doing what you are doing and see if it goes away. I think you are on the right track.
Thanks mkh9!
Let me know if you have any other questions. Glad to help.
The 'ring' on my leg also looks like the type from a tic bite...probably isn't, but I live in an area where tics are rife.  I will mention it to the doctor.
If you even think it is a tick take a photo  just in case. The doctors will never believe you if you don't show them the rash. Is it large or very small like 1 inch? Even if you show the rash to this doctor take a photo in case you need to show it to another doc. Can you show me the photo of the ring on your leg? You can attach a photo on here. If you can't you can post it to your profile and let me know when it is there and I will take a look. It would be good to get tested just in case since you haven't felt well too. They usually look like a target.

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