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I cut myself deeply when cutting and preparing raw bloody beef am I in danger?

I cut myself and punctured deeply the tip of my finger when cutting and slicing raw bloody steak.  I quick ran the finger under hot water and got it to bleed and allowed it to continue to bleed to flush it clean.  I then washed it, put peroxide on it and a band aid.  Should I worry about blood borne illnesses or rabies ect?  
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Meat does have a lot of bacteria.  But it doesn't have viruses like rabies. So you can't get that. You bled and washed it so you are most like fine. Just keep an eye on it for a day or two. If it doesn't swell or hurt alot (aside from the cut you received) you will be fine.
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There is no realistic risk of getting any infectious diseases like rabies from this event.  Cattle raised on a farm aren't going to have any diseases that would transmit to humans.

The biggest risk from a deep cut is bacterial infection. If the area around the cut starts to swell or get more red and puffy, you should see a doctor for antibiotic treatment.
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