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Possible exposure to rabies??

A few days ago while I was walking on a street, a stray dog passed by my side and I think it licked my shopping bag and then 3-4 mins later I came home, touched the bag to see if there was any saliva on it (it was most probably dry) and then immediately had to use the washroom. After I was done I touched down there inside my anus to wash it. Can it be considered as a possible exposure to rabies?? I know this sounds like a very silly and irrational question and I am sorry about it but it is a genuine concern. I talked about this with my gp and he told me that 99% it was not an exposure but still he started giving me anti-rabies vaccine. I had my first dose two days ago and he didn't give me the immune-globulin. He said that I didn't need it. The dog that I had encountered that day, I've been keeping an eye on him. I went to the same street and found him, it is most probably the same dog but I'm not 100% sure. It looks ok, its been 8 days since that incident and it is alive so I guess thats good. It is always very quiet and alone whenever I see him, I guess he is sick but don't think that it has rabies. Please suggest something. Sorry for the grammatical errors and everything, I am very anxious right now so I am unable to put my thoughts together and frame a perfect question.
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Hello, I can almost guarantee you that you didn't get rabies from this dog. Even if the dog did have rabies, he would have had to bite you, it can only be transmitted, I believe, through broken skin. Also, the saliva was dry when you touched the bad and when you touched your anal area, there is no way it could have transmitted. I am sorry that your doctor is giving you those shots, in my humble opinion, they are NOT needed.

Another thing, the dog is still not mean, that is another sign the poor thing doesn't have rabies. I hope someone finds him and gives him a good home.
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Hi AVI_771
The doctor was right to give you just the rabies vaccine if you had been previously given the immune globulin. But to clarify, the CDC here in the
U. S. states that mucous membranes (eyes nose, and throat and yes the anus, vagina and the urethra, are also mucous memranes. It is very unlikely you got it that way since the virus dries out, but it is possible.  But since you got the right treatment there are no worries.  As a suggestion when in public, or after being in public don't touch your face or body areas that are mucous membranes. Always, wash your hands.
Take care
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