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Possible rabies?

I need everybody's help on this. So I live in Indonesia, and me and my family butchered a goat. Now, my family bought the goat yesterday and my mom and dad said that the goat was feisty, kinda ferocious and fought back whenever touched. I just ate the goat today but I'm left with the feeling of scared. What if the goat had rabies? What if I have just eaten a goat with rabies? I kinda got involved in the cooking process and touched the raw meat here and there (not a lot though). I read that cooking could've deactivated the virus. But what if the meat wasnt cooked enough so that the virus would've still been alive by the time I ate it? I am anxious and very scared right now, please help ASAP thanks.
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I also have sores on my bottom lip.
And not in a very good condition due to pushing my physique off boundaries since I've had a lot of activities in the last two weeks
AND the meat itself had like individual strands of the goats fur so I'm scared if the goat licked itself and the saliva got everywhere. May have eaten it since I didn't have time to take those off one by one.
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That is not a realistic scenario for transmission of rabies.

Also, rabies in goats is extremely rare.  If you are having concerns like this frequently, it would be best to seek counseling for your fears.  A concern like this is rather irrational considering that you can't get rabies from eating meat in the first place, and the extreme rarity of rabies in goats should make events like this a non-concern.
What about the fur that I found on the meat? I might've eaten a few strands since I couldn't get those off one by one. What if it had the goat saliva in it?
This is not a realistic method of transmission of rabies.
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Hope you are all fine. There have been a number of cases in countries with high levels of Rabies where they got rabies from slaughtering the animal or from eating the brain of the infected animal or from cooking the infected animal and contaminating the cooked food with dirty hands and touching the nose eyes  with the uncooked brain. So you have to get the bite of an animal, saliva of an infected animal in an open wound, or in your eyes nose or mouth. Also, slaughtering an infected animal and getting the saliva, or brain material on your mucous membranes or in a open wound would be the only way to get it.
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