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Was I exposed to rabies??

Was I exposed to rabies?? Around 7-8 days ago, I was driving my scooter around a park where one can hear a lot of bats. I could hear that there was a large flock of bats around the trees in that area. I recently heard in a rabies awareness seminar that bats can bite you without causing any pain or discomfort. So now after that day, I am having intrusive thoughts about rabies and I am just concerned about a possible bat bite on my head as I was not wearing a helmet that day while driving. I talked to my family about it and they say that I would have known if a bat had bit me. I have questions like what if had a bite without me realizing it? Is it possible?? I had taken five doses of anti rabies vaccine around 10 months ago after getting a cat bite. Do I need booster doses or is it just my anxiety lying to me??
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Regardless of what may or may not have happened, you do NOT need another rabies vaccine. It is doubtful that a clinic would even administer one since you had the series less than a year ago.
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But I've heard that the immunity lasts for only 3 months, isn't that true??
Three YEARS, at the very least.
oh ok
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