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does rabies vaccine work 3 years before/after exposure?

around April 2016, i got scratched by a dog outside of an overnight rental. it was a friendly dog and wanted to play. the owner was there and let us play while the dog was still tied. i got scratched in the midst of play while the owner was already gone. i dont remember any bleeding but there was a bit of burning sensation when i washed it with soap.  
i was only there for an afternoon so i was not able to see the dog again.

at that time, i was not concerned too much because it was just a scratch. so i did not see a doctor. it is only recently that i have learned that rabies can still be transmitted through scratches and licks.  

i had a full course vaccination in 2012 and another in 2019 (cat bite).

i wonder if the 2012 vaccination still works in 2016. or if the 2019 vaccination could have worked if there was rabies that time.  

i have read that the vaccine no longer works if the virus has reached the nerves. but i have also read that it can still work as long as i still do not have the symptoms. it is confusing to me because i have also read that some people have died 25 years after exposure. it is scary to think that my vaccinations no longer work if the rabies has already reached the nerves.  

am i still protected from the 2016 scratch if ever?  

thanks in advance.
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You can't get rabies from a scratch.  You have to have saliva from the animal get into blood . So it has to be a bite or the saliva has to get into you eyes, nose or mouth.  Also, I think you have to re-vaccinate if its been a while after a bite.  It doesn't sound like that happened to you.
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