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my CBC test scares me. Is it leukemia?

I'm a 20 years old girl, I've just got my CBC test results which has a comment written there says:-

-RBCs show moderate microcytic hypochromic anemia.
-WBCs show mild neutropenia, lmphocytoses.

So, what does that mean? and is that related to leukemia?

I've attached a photo for the whole test result.
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Hi we are not doctors on here. I am a microbiologist but I can give you some advice.  It doesn't look like leukemia. Rather you have anemia. You need to find out if that hemoglobin is low enough to get a transfusion. So you may be able to use your family or anyone with "safe" blood to donate for you. They do check the blood supply now in the U.S. and some other countries for hepatitis and HIV but it is best if you know your family is clean then the can donate for you if they want to. But I am not sure what the cut off point is where you need a transfusion. It is getting close.

You need to find out the source of why you have a low hemoglobin. It may be iron deficiency anemia or it could be from heavy periods or something else.
If you have  a really heavy period it could be that. But you should also get your blood iron level drawn and ferritin, B12 and folate. See if these are low or if it shows iron deficiency or B12 deficiency anemia.  If you have any rectal bleeding you need to find out if you have hemorrhoids or if not maybe get a colonoscopy. But I think it is the menstration. Check with your doctor. If they don't want to deal with it see a hematologist. But I think start with the family practice doctor.

The white blood cells are probably low due to the overall volume of blood being low.

So you need to discuss with the doctor.

Take care,
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See previous message. Also, usually with the hemoglobin low, MCH low, and MCV low but the MCHC normal it is usually Iron deficiency. But also do you can have thalassemia if you are from certain genetic back grounds like mediterranean, Asian, African American, or African, or the middle east. and inflammatory diseases and lead poisoning.

Have you had any viruses lately or bacterial infections?

What are your symptoms.

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