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Constipation IBS

In January 2023, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I stayed at home for more than 20 days without going out. Subsequently, a change in bowel habits occurred, leading to constipation. Bowel movements occur 2-3 times a week, and they are difficult, presenting as pellet-like stools with abdominal rumbling. There is increased gas in the abdomen, with more flatulence, but no symptoms of diarrhea. Gastrointestinal examinations, including gastroscopy and colonoscopy, revealed mild superficial gastritis, duodenitis, and tubulovillous adenomatous colon polyps (removed during the colonoscopy). CT scans showed interposition of the colon and gallstones.

Pre-existing conditions include:
1. Hypertension (around 140/80, treated with Valsartan-Amlodipine tablets, one per day).
2. Anxiety disorder (taking Paroxetine Hydrochloride tablets and Clonazepam, one each per day).
3. Myocardial bridge observed in coronary angiography (taking Bisoprolol Fumarate tablets, one per day).
4. Bilateral carotid atherosclerotic plaques (some soft plaques, treated with Atorvastatin Calcium tablets, one per day).

"After a doctor's diagnosis, it was determined to be Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Currently, the patient is undergoing treatment with Linaclotide capsules. Please help me understand what this illness is, how it should be treated, and the medication involved. Thank you!"
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Constipation is the worst!  I'd take that over diarrhea any day. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Beans, nuts, whole grain, etc. are examples of insoluble fiber. Have you ever tried a stool softener? Dulcolex is the one that I've tried. Seems to help a bit. There are also a couple of medications that your doctor can prescribe for IBS-C. Is this any better for you?
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How's your diet now? Fiber intake?

Some research has shown that insoluble fiber helps IBS with constipation. Have you talked to your doctor and let them know that the medication isn't working?

Have you checked any of your other meds to see if constipation is a side effect?

You should talk to your doctor though, as your medication isn't working.
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Thank you for your response. I am not sure what you mean by fiber intake, but my diet is okay. I have informed the doctor about the medications I mentioned earlier. What are examples of insoluble fiber? Thank you!
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