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As a female in high school soon to go to college, this is ruining my life. For as long as I can remember, I have manually used my finger ...
I'm having diarrhoea since last 20 days and having normaxin and ornof medicines daily... I'm having a habit of masturbating daily 2 times...
On Monday 5/17, I had watery diarrhea all day. Later that night, I started getting fever and chills with an oral temp of 101.7. I tested ...
So this a long one bare with me. It all started when I got drunk March 22nd. I took a fall and blacked out got dehydrated and got an infe...
Hi I am a 22 year old male and For about a month and a half now I’ve been having weird bowel movements, this all started after a big meal...
I’ve had different symptoms over the span of 3 weeks. First, it started out where i constantly felt full and was somewhat bloated. Though...
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