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Could my stomach discomfort when I drink be IBS or alcohol intolerance?

Every time I drink, usually between 2-4 drinks and I start to get diarrhea that I used to not get before. I do not drink often, but I am usually up late with my friends and we are just hanging out and I am going to the bathroom pretty frequently. I do not think that I drink a lot but could this be IBS or could it be a form of alcohol intolerance? I have had these symptoms and some nausea and stomach irritability just the last 4-5 I have had drinks and none of those times did I have too much to drink. All of this makes it really uncomfortable to sleep that night and most times I get little to no sleep and if I do it is only a few hours here and there.
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To me this sounds much more related to the alcohol and how your body reacts to it.  Do you drink the same thing each time?  Like sweet white wine gives me stomach issues where I feel like I'm going to have to go number two pronto . . . not making me the best person on a date, ha ha.  But you know what I mean.  I stopped drinking that specifically and don't have that reaction to other alcoholic beverages.  
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