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I have to manually use my finger to get poop out of bowels?

As a female in high school soon to go to college, this is ruining my life. For as long as I can remember, I have manually used my finger to take poop out of my butt. If I try to push poop out, it is just a strain and little to nothing comes out, it's like my rectum stopped working or something. One time I tried to stop doing this, but a few days later of no results I was forced to do it again. I wouldn't call it a habit, since i think that I am physically unable to push out poop. Like I said before, I am worried for my future and if I have to do this permanently if I don't stop soon. And yes, I have been to a doctor before but they said that nothing was wrong. I have no symptoms or bleeding etc. if this isn't IBS, I'm clueless to what I need to do to stop this.
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Try a water-rich nutritious diet with some insoluble fiber foods.
Include regular exercise on a daily basis .
Take a "natural" position when you "go" by placing blocks or books  on the floor in front of the toilet to put your feet on & thus elevate your knees much higher than your hips. You might be very surprised with the results.

Best wishes,
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Hi there,
I suffer from the same problem. My sphincter muscles just don't seem to work normally and I can't push my poo out naturally unless there is a lot of pressure due to a load of poo build up. What did you say to your doctor?
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Omg. I have the same thing.  I was diagnosed with non relaxing puborectalis muscle.  I'm losing my mind.  My urges to poop are so strong. I just can't get it out. It's like tectum is dead. I live on laxstives.   They're killing me
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How did you come to be diagnosed with this?
I bleed from my ibs weather I am constipated or lose because I can't seem to pass stool naturally. When I'm constipated I have to do what you guys do. And it's like little pellets. But when I'm lose I still have to strain and sort of stimulate my back passage to open and pass stool. I feel constant pressure/need to go to the toilet. I can go up to 15 times a day and only actually pass anything a maximum of twice. Most of the time it's just mucus. I have said so many times I feel like the muscle that's meant to help you pass stool naturally isn't working. But I don't know how to go about getting it checked as I worry about a lot of things and the doctors normally tell me I'm being silly without even checking me out. How do I make them understand this is happening, surely it can't just be my ibs and I shouldn't just have to deal with it?
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Hey, I am also a female in high school and I struggled with this for a long time. I avoided leaving the house for extended periods of time as I could not poop anywhere else. I let it take over my life until one day I said f-it and just started to poop normally. I think it could just be a mental thing as opposed to a physical one. Drink lots of water, elevate your legs, (think squatty potty) and push on your abdomen. I believe in you!
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