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IBS pain?

I have been diagnosed with IBS but it was in a "no big deal" kind of way.  I wasn't given much explanation of what to expect but they said there isn't really anything to do about it but avoid fatty foods and too much lactose.  I've been having really bad pain on either side of my groin but usually one side or the other and most often on the left.  The left side is always more painful.  It hurts to move that area (bending and getting up/sitting down) so it makes taking care of my elderly dog (who is diapered) really difficult.  I have had this pain in the past and went to see my gyn because I thought it might be my ovary.  She poked around there and decided it wasn't that and it went away the next day so I never went to my regular doctor.  Now I think I need to.  A little while ago and started feeling really sick and had to run to the bathroom and I've been having this pain since then.  It is close to where the ovaries are but higher about 4 or so inches from the tip of my pelvic bone on each side, maybe an inch up.  Does anyone else get pain there?  Sharp but not the worst pain I've ever had.  I know it isn't my appendix because I don't have one anymore.  
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Sometimes I wake up and have ten minutes of excruciating pain there like period cramps and then it goes away completely. It always makes me groan and cry and writhe in pain
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